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    [3D Model] combat doll / SYAKUNAGE[VRC/Cluster compatible] [Avatars 2.0/3.0]

    Published from : 2020/08/08 18:47:41

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    ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■          BoothURL⇒https://suiseimaou.booth.pm/items/2279780    ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Combat doll / SYAKUNAGE-SYAKUNAGE- *overview* Support for Avatar 3.0 PhysBones Prefab Setup Use liltoon Cluster version is included. --------------------------------------- There are separate models for VRChat and Cluster. Two types of body types are available: adult body The VRChat version allows you to choose from 4 different breast sizes (Super, Large, Medium, and Poor). The default size is [ Medium ].  *Use other sizes from the Prefab in the folder "素材_BodyFullSet" The VRChat version includes 4 costumes, 4 weapons and TEX for another color. SDK3 UnityPackage for Avatar3.0 is available for VRChat version.  SDK2 version is no longer updated.  Please download the ZIP file for the last updated version of SDK2. The Avatar 3.0 version has a custom menu.  Weapons removal, changing clothes, etc. can be supported by uploading a single avatar!  Some custom menu icons have been replaced with the original ones.  Custom Menu Tree   MainMenu---------EX_Menu_Weapon----Switching of 4 weapons | |----EX_Menu_Cloth-----Choosing of 4 different costumes (including default costumes) | |----ColorChange-------Another color change | -----ExMenuEmotes------VRC emote switching We have already built a shaker with PhysBones. There are 10 VRMs for each of the adult and Lori bodies and costumes in the Cluster version.  Chest size will be big and poor ----------------------------------- AvatarState --------------------------------- --------------------------------- ForVRC ◇Avatar 3.0 (full-clothing with Prefab version) polygon: 231096 Matrial: 32 ---------------------------- ◇Avatar 2.0 Stopped updating (Clothing Division Prefab Version) polygon: 133,484-10,4462 Matrial: 32~16 ------------------------------------ ForCluster polygon: 30,000-31996 Matrial: 4-6 ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ Required: liltoon shader,PhysBones This model was created using IbisPaint. The sample emote "ExMenuEmotesSample" created by Gashokora is included in this app. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ organization UnityPackage  --------------------  VRChat 戦闘人形_石楠花_PackageV2.0_forAvatar3.0(VRCSDK3用).unitypackage -Import into Project with SDK3-  ---------------------  Cluster  石楠花clusterVersion(要VRM_Mtoon).unitypackage -Please import this avatar when you adjust it in Cluster- -Normally, please use the VRMs listed below- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Prefab(VRChat)  folder hierarchy  Avtar3.0  CombatDoll_Syakunage | ---Prefab    |   Avatar3.0 石楠花_Avatar3.0_PB_liltoon.prefab 石楠花_Avatar3.0_PB_liltoon_LO.prefab --------------------------------  VRM(Cluster)  Normal  ・石楠花v2.0.vrm  ・石楠花v2.0Weapon.vrm  ・石楠花v2.0Bunny.vrm  ・石楠花v2.0Mizugi.vrm  ・石楠花v2.0Bath.vrm  LORI  ・石楠花ロリ2.0.vrm  ・石楠花ロリ2.0Weapon.vrm  ・石楠花ロリ2.0Bunny.vrm  ・石楠花ロリ2.0Mizugi.vrm  ・石楠花ロリ2.0Bath.vrm --------------------------------- --------------------------------- Model data (fbx)  VRChat 戦闘人形_石楠花(FULLSET)v1.0.fbx   CombatDolls_Syakunage_FULLSET_v1.0_ENG.fbx   戦闘人形_石楠花(FULLSET)v1.0ロリver.fbx   Syakunage_Drill.fbx   Syakunage_Gatling.fbx   Syakunage_Sord.fbx   Syakunage_Tonfar.fbx  Cluster It is stored in UnityPackage for Cluster. ---------------------------------- Texture. complete set GIMP file for modification -------------------------------------------------- Guide Readme[JP].txt Readme[ENG].txt ------------------------------------------------- update history 2020/08/09 first edition 2020/08/09 DynamicBone micro-correction 2020/08/09 GIMP file correction for color change 2020/08/11 Fixed bunny changing animation for Avatar 3.0 2020/08/26 Added costumes to the Cluster version. 2022/04/24 Unified Scale of FBX objects Rebuild Animation Rebuild Avatars3.0 Changed material from UTS to liltoon Abolished Dynamicbone and introduced physbones. Stopped updating Package for SDK2

    Terms of Use

    Terms of Use The text of the agreement The buyer and user of [Combat Doll / SYAKUNAGE-SYAKUNAGE (hereinafter referred to as this model)] will be deemed to have agreed to the terms of use The copyright of this model belongs to the creator [Mercury Demon King] (hereinafter referred to as "the creator"), and the copyright of the relevant part of the model shall belong to the creator even if it is used by modifying or otherwise altering the model. The producer is not responsible for any trouble or damage caused by the use of this model Distribution/Alteration Redistribution of this model is prohibited Permission to make modifications to this model at will Upload Prohibits uploading this model to a service where unspecified users can download it (Please contact the respective service administrators for service features) Prohibits the upload of this model in the public state Allows the purchaser of this model to upload model data to VRCchat, cluster and other services for their own use Permission to post videos on video sites such as Youtube using the whole or part of this model 2020/08/09 Mercury Demon King Contact Us Twitter @Suiseimaou