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    [Original 3d Model] - Berubel ( For VRChat)

    Published from : 2023/12/02 19:05:07

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    BeRuBel (ベルーベル) BeRuBel, the fox spirit caring a Berry full of spring energy. This modeling is the modeling data produced for VRChat. ● Requirements - VRChat Creator Companion(VCC) https://www.vrchat.net/home/download - Liltoon Shader 1.3.7 https://booth.pm/ko/items/3087170 ● Modeling Information - Number of polygons: 59,843 - Lip sync type: Viseme Blender Shape - Costume On/Off function - PhysBone O - Avatar Rank: Poor (by Phys Bone Component counts 23ea) ● the contents - unitypackage - Model FBX file - Texture PSD ● Contact - For other inquiries, please contact @vrc_Roinz. ( https://twitter.com/vrc_Roinz ) ● Change history - 2023.04.07 VER 1.0.0 OPEN SALES (at booth) - 2023.04.10 VER 1.0.1 MINOR FIX └ Corrected pupil cracks in some MMD songs. └ Corrected bright hair color on the side of the face. └ Physbone value adjustment for front hairs. └ Improved movement of jellys by Physbone. └ Change Material HDR Brightness. └ Fixing problems with white eyes with outer edges. - 2023.04.13 VER 1.1.0 └ thigh polygon crack correction in a specific position └ Android system supported (for oculus quest) - 2023.04.17 VER 1.2.0 └ Add AFK Motion - 2023.04.18 VER 1.2.1 └ Add Swimsuit (Mizugi) (PC Only) └ Add Shrink ShapKey by Body Part - 2023.05.10 VER 1.2.2 └ Facial expression modification (mesh-breaking fixed) └ Add ground collider of tail when seated (on/off possible) └ Squish Bone Support └└ Update: paw, hip / new: nose - 2023-07-26 VER 1.2.3 └ Shader Outline Thickness Adjustment └ Physbone adjustment (hair, upper shirt accessory) └ Correction of pants polygon break in Crawling position └ Add Blur ShapeKey and Expression Menu Button for MMD World - 2023-09-16 VER 1.2.4 └ Modify the facial basis shape └ Adjust custom normal for neck between head └ New Blur Added (existing blur data leaved) └ Action menu added for face shape adjustment (muzzle position, chin position, nose size) └ Action menu added for for Tail Size

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