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    Rin Himeji - VRChat 3.0 Avatar

    Published from : 2020/11/20 15:37:20

    Product Details

    【 Rin Himeji, Original Avatar for VRChat! 】 ■ Includes : Rin Himeji Avatar3.0 VRChat UnityPackage ■ Fullbody Tested ■ Model uses UTS2 + Poi Toon Shader ■ Package includes Hand Gesture / Emotes for Avatar3.0 ■ Includes Eye tracking / dynamic bone setup ■ Package does not come with Dynamic bones asset, please get this from UnityAssetStore before importing VRC Package otherwise hair dynamics will not work! ◆ 【Features】 ◆ ■ Radial menu options ・Hoodie Toggle on/off ・Hood Toggle on/off ・Fox on Head Toggle on/off ・Fox on Hoodie Toggle on/off ・Fox NPC Follow Toggle on/off ・2x Hairstyle variations ・Tail Swing menu ・Ear Swing menu ■ Radial Color options ・6x Hoodie color variations ・4x Pajamas color variations ・6x Hair color variations ・4x Fox color variations ■ Full body tested ■ Full visemes set ■ Large blendshape combinations ■ Eye Tracking ■ Hand Gestures ■ Fox pet NPC follower ■ Very cute for headpats.

    Terms of Use

    ◆ 【Terms of Use】 ◆ By purchasing this model, you agree to the terms of use. When the terms of service change in the future, the latest one will be applied. Please be sure to read the following before you purchase. ◆ For commercial usage, please contact the author (CodeAldnoah 3D) ◆ Only for self use ┗(•̀へ •́ ╮ ) ◆ Do not redistribute the unitypackage in discord servers / google drives / cloud services. Doing this will cause your discord server to be terminated by discord INC. ◆ You are not allowed to set Rin Himeji 3D model as a public avatar. Please use it for yourself only. ◆ You CANNOT use this model for commercial purposes without permission. ◆ You are allowed to kitbash the mesh for your own models only. Example (changing hair / adding cloths, using Rin's hoodie for your other models is okay) Redistribution of kitbash creation that involves parts from [Rin Himeji 3D model] is NOT allowed. ◆ You are allowed to use this 3D model for your own videos for youtube/ twitter/MMD non-commercially. ◆ You are allowed to create accessories for [Rin Himeji 3D model] and sell those commercially, package should exclude [Rin Himeji 3D model]. ◆ If any user comes across users that violate the terms above, please contact author CodeAldnoah 3D.