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    Published from : 2020/12/19 17:52:58

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    Booth:https://pa-ra-koi.booth.pm/items/2609257 A girl with tentacles like a marine life. and three eyes. Dressed in a steampunk lolita outfit, she acts like a compounder. It is a 3D model compatible with Humanoid format assuming VRChat. It is created assuming VRChat, and can be used for distribution and games. The shader is set by UTS and it is already included. Dynamic Bone is also set. ・ Number of polygons △ 79258 ・ Lip sync for VRChat ... 15 types ・ Basic facial expressions ... 10 types ・ Shape keys for facial expressions: 111 types (including dummies) ○FBX file Main body / test tube ○PNG texture  ・ Base texture (with adjustment map and mask)  ・ Boots (with adjustment map and mask) ○PSD data for modification ○Unitypacage(With prefabricated set up) ○VRM data (scheduled to be included after 2020/12/20) ○Readme(Terms of service)

    Terms of Use

    These terms are the terms of use for KURA・KATOA (this model). At the time of purchasing this model data, it is considered that you have agreed to this agreement. In addition, this agreement is subject to change without notice, and it is considered that you have agreed to the changed agreement. The copyright of this model belongs to the creator, Parlor Koi. The copyright belongs to the creator even if it is modified or a part of the data is used. The creator is not responsible for any damage caused by using this model. ・ Commercial use Is possible. ・ Modification As you want. It is also possible to request modification from another person (whether paid or free of charge). There is no problem in passing the model at that time. ・ NSFW expression (R-18, R-18G, etc.) there is no limit. Do it where it doesn't bother you. Please read the UTS terms for the included UTS. Redistributing and selling all or part of this data (However, this does not apply when using a 3D model as a game character. Also, it is OK to pass the data to others for modification) Make it available for use and possession by anyone other than the purchaser (It is prohibited to place it in the world as an avatar pedestal!) Use for illegal acts, acts that induce them, religion, politics, or acts that despise other companies Extracting only the texture and redistributing and selling it (However, it is OK to undertake avatar modification for a fee)