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    Original 3D Model - Amalo #Amalo3D

    Published from : 2023/12/03 11:30:43

    Product Details

    This 3D model is intended for use with VRChat. It can also be used for video production and distribution. Hashtag: #Amalo3D I would greatly appreciate it if you could add the above hashtag to your SNS posts! ⚠Please be sure to read the following product details and terms of use before purchasing. ⚠Precautions 🔸CLIP STUDIO PAINT/Photoshop is recommended when modifying textures. 🔸This is a downloadable product, so returns or refunds are not possible. 👚Avatar World https://vrchat.com/home/world/wrld_6b86bbfb-bd51-494c-b543-d89156c57597 🐺Avatar Info -PC Version 🔸Avatar3.0/PhysBone/VCC 🔸Shader: lilToon 1.6.0  https://lilxyzw.booth.pm/items/3087170 🔸Polygons: △55,776 🔸Materials: 5 🔸Material Slots: 11, 9(Medium version) 🔸Meshes: 10, 8(Medium version) 🔸Textures: Color-4, Mask-5, Normal-2 🔸Performance Rank: Poor or Medium 🔸Shape Key: Face-240, Body-48, Hair-13 -Quest Version 🔸Avatar3.0 / PhysBone / VCC対応 🔸Polygon: △14,990 🔸Material: 1 🔸Material Slot: 1 🔸Meshe: 1 🔸Texture: 1 🔸Performance Rank: Medium 🔸Shape Key: 221 ⚠The mesh in the invisible areas has been removed significantly.  Costumes cannot be changed. 💼Contents 🔸UnityPackage 🔸FBX 🔸PNG 🔸PSD/CLIP 🔸VN3 Licence 🔸Readme 📱Contact If you have any problems or questions regarding this avatar, please DM us on Twitter or on the Discord server. Inquiries not in Japanese will be handled through machine translation. Discord: https://discord.gg/uuk378zGcB

    Terms of Use

    This 3D model uses the VN3 license.( https://www.vn3.org ) Terms of use [EN] https://drive.google.com/file/d/11E3qC6Y8POKd-hwd8Xp3r9dU99PVgncQ/view?usp=sharing