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    【VRChat Ready Original 3Dmodel [LynBlau]】v1.0

    Published from : 2021/07/14 05:32:19

    Product Details

    ■ [VRChat original 3D model "LynBlau-" v1.0] ■ It is a 3D character model with Unity Humanoid specifications optimized for VRChat on the PC version. -------------------------------------------------- ------ ■ Basic specifications ■ ・ Number of polygons △ 63753 (Body: 38833 + Costume 24920) ・ VRC Perfotmance: Medium ~ Poor ・ Dynamic Bone set ・ Eye tracking set for VRChat ・ Lip sync set for VRChat ・ Full tracking support ・ Blend shape / 57 types for facial expressions / 9 types of preset facial expressions set / 4 types of dummies (unused) / 15 types of lip sync (unused) / 5 types for body adjustment / -Shader: UTS2 v2.0.7.5 -------------------------------------------------- ------ ■ Contents ■ ch03_lynblau_v1.0.unitypackage fbx model data png texture data (4k high resolution version) psd texture data (4k high resolution, work data before integration) ch03_Terms of Service.txt -------------------------------------------------- ------ ■ VRChat introduction procedure ■ (1) Create a new project with Unity 2019.4.29f1 (2) Import the latest VRC SDK3-AVATAR- into the Asset folder (3) Import Daynamic Bone (optional) (4) Import the latest version of UnityChanToonShaderVer2 (5) Import ch03_lynblau_v1.0.unitypackage into the Asset folder (6) [ch03_lynblau_v1.0]-Place any purefab in the [prefab] folder in Hierarchy (7) Select and upload any avatar on Hierarchy. * Detailed upload methods are introduced in detail on the web / VRchat summary site, etc. Please refer to that. -------------------------------------------------- ------

    Terms of Use

    ■ Terms of use ■ ・ Commercial use The 3D model "LynBlau-" is expected to be used in VRChat. You can freely use it for personal game production, video distribution, animation production, etc. * Please contact us if you are using it for corporate projects. ・ About modification There are no restrictions. ・ Use in R-18, R-18G expression There are no restrictions. -When producing and selling exclusive decorations (clothes, accessories, etc.) for "LynBlau-", some of the attached fbx data will be modified and used. ·Copyright The copyright of this model "LynBlau-" and the modified model of related data belongs to the creator "Stellar". -------------------------------------------------- ------ ■ Prohibitions ■ -Redistribution and sale of data (including modified data) related to this model "LynBlau-" is prohibited. (Including public upload and use for avatar pedestal) ・ It is prohibited to use it for political, religious activities, slanderous acts against others, or acts contrary to public order and morals. ・ Unauthorized use of corporate projects (distribution of commercial game materials, Vtuber, etc.) is prohibited. * There is no problem with hobby activities and use for indie games. -------------------------------------------------- ------ ■ Disclaimer ■ The creator is not responsible for any damage, loss, trouble, or other disadvantages caused by using this model data. These Terms of Use are subject to change or revision without notice. Updates and sales may be suspended without notice. note that.