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    RunRunO for VRchat Avatar

    Published from : 2020/04/29 17:18:46

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    cute 3D model

    Terms of Use

    By purchasing Runruno (hereinafter, this model), you agree to the Terms of Use. The contents of the Terms of Use may be changed or revised. If you continue to use this model after changing the terms, you agree to the changed / revised terms. Please note. * About use -This model purchaser is permitted to use this model for services and contents that use 3D models such as VRChat within the scope of these Terms of Use. * About copyright -The copyright of this model is held by the creator "Nanosano Co., Ltd." and belongs to the creator "Nanasano Co., Ltd." even if this modified model or only a part of this model is used. will do. * About modification -Modifications of this model are under the responsibility of the purchaser and are allowed to be modified freely. * About prohibited matters ・ Redistribution or sale of this model is prohibited regardless of whether it has been modified. ・ Activities that allow anyone other than the purchaser to freely use this model, such as avatar pedestal in VRChat and uploading in public, are prohibited. -Distribution and sale of partially used data of this model, or those thought to have extremely high similarity to retopology and design as their own copyrighted works are prohibited. ・ The following actions are prohibited. · Acts that touch the criminal law ・ Acts that violate public order and morals · Acts of disguising the author ・ Use in content that uses sexual or grotesque expressions such as age restrictions of 18 or more are applied ・ A nuisance while using this model ・ The act of degrading others or a specific organization while using this model * About commercial use -Only individuals are allowed to use this model for commercial purposes. (Unmodified or unmodified) (Example) Video distribution such as Youtuber, game production, animation production, etc. ・ If you are a corporation, please contact the creator, "Nano Co., Ltd." 〇 Disclaimer -If trouble occurs by using this model, even if the user or a third party suffers damage, the creator will not take any responsibility. Enactment date September 21, 2019