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    Published from : 2024/05/15 21:08:33

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    ■ Overview This shader, designed for use with VRChat, focuses on outlining. It allows for different outlines on the inside and outside of objects. The outlines are cute. https://github.com/JohnTonarino/FuchidoriPopToon It uses OpenLit for lighting. https://github.com/lilxyzw/OpenLit Special thanks for making it available. ■ Contents - LICENSE.txt: MIT license file - Readme.txt: Readme - FuchidoriPopToonParameters.txt: Explanation of shader parameters - FuchidoriPopToon/ -- FuchidoriPopToon_Opaque.shader: Main shader (for opaque materials) -- FuchidoriPopToon_Cutout.shader: Main shader (for cutout materials) -- FuchidoriPopToon_Transparent.shader: Main shader (for transparent materials) -- FuchidoriPopToon_v1_0_2.unitypackage: Unity package for import ■ Disclaimer The creator takes no responsibility for any trouble, loss, or damage caused by the use of this shader. ■ Others The following model was used for the thumbnail. Amatousagi "Rusk" - Original 3D Model compatible with Quest/PC https://booth.pm/ja/items/2559783 ■ Update History 2024/05/06 Ver1.0.0 Release. 2024/05/07 Ver1.0.1 Fixed an issue where OutlineMask was not applied. Added the parameter AsOutlineUnlit, which makes the outline unaffected by lighting. 2024/05/11 Ver1.0.2 Made minor adjustments. Set the initial value of the Stencil to ensure proper rendering under certain PostProcessing effects. 2024/05/15 Distribution started on VketStore.

    Terms of Use

    This shader is released under the MIT license. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x1F2glfcCO-Ouun6eec2EyvWzfqKB-sieJp_DM3QhsY/edit?usp=share_link For redistribution, including the .unitypackage is recommended for convenience.