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    ■ Overview This is a dithering toon shader designed for use in VRChat. The dithering pattern animates according to the settings. For lighting, OpenLit is used. https://github.com/lilxyzw/OpenLit We take this opportunity to express our gratitude. Ver1.5.2 Performed minor bug fixes. ■ Contents - LICENSE.txt…MIT License file - Readme.txt…Readme - SanditherToonParameters.txt…Shader parameter description - SanditherToon/ -- SanditherToon.shader…Main shader file -- SanditherToon_v1_5_2.unitypackage…Unitypackage for import ■ Disclaimer The creator cannot take any responsibility for troubles, disadvantages, or damages that may occur from using this shader. ■ Other Information The textures used in the samples are included in Unity's StandardAssets. They are not included in the content. ■ Update History 2023/04/20 Ver1.0 Distribution started. 2023/04/21 Ver1.1 Removed unnecessary variables. Made indirect light color more reflective. 2023/04/23 Ver1.2 Fixed a bug where limit was not reflected in ForwardAdd lighting. Other code optimizations were made. 2023/04/24 Ver1.3 Fixed attenuation rate to be reflected in ForwardAdd lighting. 2023/06/12 Ver1.3 Distribution started on VketStore. 2023/06/19 Ver1.4 Implemented double outline. Inlined core.hlsl (OpenLit). 2023/07/07 Ver1.5 Optimized the implementation around the outline. Enabled the option to reflect ForwardBase on the outline. 2023/07/19 Ver1.5.1 Added AnimationTime parameter for controlling Animation. 2023/07/30 Ver1.5.2 Fixed the identified issues in the shadow rendering.

    Terms of Use

    This is released under the MIT license. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x1F2glfcCO-Ouun6eec2EyvWzfqKB-sieJp_DM3QhsY/edit?usp=share_link Including the .unitypackage is a convenient way to redistribute.