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    VRChat Avatar Leones Ver2 VCC VRM included

    Published from : 2020/04/05 17:20:36

    Product Details

    The set includes pre-configured scenes and various models and textures of "Leonesse Ver2" in the unitypackage. Pre-configured scenes, various models and textures are included in the unitpackage. Download VCC from VRChat official website https://vrchat.com/home/download Create a project for avatar Add GestureManager from ManageProject. (If you have already installed it, this process is not necessary.) Shaders are standard. (Shaders are standard.) Download and import the assets and shaders required for this avatar. Please download and import the necessary assets and shaders for this avatar. Mech Bullet Effects for VRC https://booth.pm/ja/items/3562410 Finally, import the UnityPackage for this avatar. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avatar Basic Information Status: VeryPoor Polygon count: 82034 Uploaded size: 34.53MB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Details of contents ReadMe.txt Product image ・Pre-configured scene file. Just double-click to open the scene and upload it. (If you can't open the file by double-clicking, please right-click and open the file by "Open".) The polygon count is over 70,000, and the deformation model is included, so it will be judged as BeryPoar. Avatar_08_Humanoid 2m size avatar Avatar_08_Humanoid_60M Full body constrait is 30 times larger than the original avatar (60m size avatar) Model data Avatar_08_Humanoid Humanoid bones with high full-trait adequacy Leones_V2.fbx Full body constrait moving parts Granade.fbx Objects for grenade particles stored in the thighs granade_30.fbx 30 times larger than the above. Material data Leones_Armor Leones_Body Leones_crystal Leones_Weapon Texture data Leones_Armar_Albedo.png Leones_Armar_Ao.png Leones_Armar_Emi.png Leones_Armar_Metal.png Leones_Armar_Normal.png Leones_Armar_Normal_New.png (normal map with no scratches and details only) Leones_Body_Albedo.png Leones_Body_Ao.png Leones_Body_Emi.png Leones_Body_Metal.png Leones_Body_Normal.png Leones_Body_Normal_New.png (normal map with no scratches and details only) Leones_crystal_Albedo.png Leones_crystal_Ao.png Leones_crystal_Metal.png Leones_crystal_Normal.png Leones_crystal_Normal_New.png (normal map with no scratches and details only) Additional textures in Ver2. Leones_Weapon_Albedo.png Leones_Weapon_Ao.png Leones_Weapon_Emi.png Leones_Weapon_Metal.png Leones_Weapon_Normal.png Leones_Weapon_Normal_New.png (normal map with no scratches and details only) Animation Data All previous animation data has been eliminated and recreated. We have a Body and Weapon folder in the Anim file, Body and Weapon folders are included in the Anim file, and body part control and weapon control animations are included in these folders. Materials and textures for particles in the Effect folder. P_canon_Beem1 P_canon_Beem2 P_canon_Flash P_handgun_Beem1 P_handgun_Beem2 P_handgun_Flash ParticleSmokeWhite ◆Expressions Menu VRCExpressionsMenu_Leones VRCExpressionsMenu_Leones_60 (for 60 meter scale) (add transparency changes for face monitor) VRCExpressionParameters_Leones (11 new parameters for leones only) VRCExMenu_Leones_Sub_Emote (for normal Emote) VRCExMenu_Leones_Sub_TransForm (Transform related submenu) VRCExMenu_Leones_Sub_Weapon_Arm (submenu for arm weapons) VRCExMenu_Leones_Sub_Weapon_Body (submenu for body weapons) vrc_AvatarV3ActionLayer_Leones vrc_AvatarV3FaceLayer_Leones All animators for the Leones gimmick are set here. vrc_AvatarV3HandsLayer_Leones Icon folder contains icon images for Expression menu.

    Terms of Use

    You can find more details here. It is written in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. 20230629111217vn3license_en.pdf 20230629111217vn3license_en.pdf 20230629111217vn3license_zh.pdf 20230629111217vn3license_ko.pdf The contents are also output as an image. The contents not mentioned above are Output with a 3D printer for non-commercial purposes is OK. Installation as an object (figure or NPC) in the world is OK. The VRM is not mentioned here because the terms and conditions are included in the VRM. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Disclaimer (Anomalo P) shall not be liable for any damages incurred through the use of this data. Please use at your own risk. ◆Contact Please reply to Twitter. DM is only for mutual followers. (https://twitter.com/anomarokarintou) Or to this email address. anomarokarintou★yahoo.co.jp Please change ★ to @ and send. Or join our discord server and inquire. https://discord.com/invite/SeHYx2aWH4 Terms of Use established June 22, 2019 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■Update History ・July 02, 2023 Directory has been changed to comply with VCC. It has been moved to AnomaroWorkShop/Character. (Note that overwriting the previous data will mess up the directory.) Japanese and English versions are available in the Expression menu. The _JP in the scene data is the Japanese version, and _Eng is the English version of the menu. Please use it as you like. Also, the Terms of Use have been moved to the VN3 license. The basics are the same as before, but we think it is much easier to understand. April 24, 2022 Structure was updated. The deformation model has been removed so that deformation can be performed with a single model. Polygon count was reduced from 163388 polygons to 82034 polygons. The Expression menu has been optimized. Weapons can still be equipped from the Expression menu, Firing is done by Fist and Hand Open on the hand sign. Both left and right handguns are Fist to fire, grenades are Handopen, and the charged particle cannon is right hand Fist, missile pod left hand Fist. This is the same after the transformation. Note that the weapon in the hand does not switch weapons unless it is in Idle state. August 22, 2020 Avatar 3.0 is now supported. All previous Emote animations have been eliminated and reworked for the Expression menu. Weapons can now be freely changed in the Expression menu, The Bundled mode allows you to hold the flight form in your hand after the transformation, control of the spoilers and flaps Cockpit hatch can now be opened and closed. January 10, 2020 Ver. 2 with additional weapons, animations dedicated to each weapon, and particles. Models and motions are not compatible with previous versions. October 04, 2019 Version 1.1. The main change is the adjustment of the bone angles in the Huamnoid settings screen. Changes have been made to the arms and legs. This avoids the phenomenon of arms and legs rotating in a circular motion during full tra... June 22, 2019 Version 1.0 is now available.