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    The original 3D model "Ryuze"

    Published from : 2020/11/20 18:09:42

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    If you wish to use a payment method other than credit cards (PayPal, Rakuten Pay, bank or convenience store payment), please contact Please take advantage of the following links external sales sites https://sakuseisanbo.booth.pm/ ----------------------------------------------------- Original Male 3D Model "Ryuze" □□□□ Creator: Creation Staff I'm not an elf who had his village burned down, I'm a vampire who had his city burned down, please be kind to him if you see him. There are three different hairstyles included in the package, as a bonus. The body and hair models are not designed for VRC. This is designed to be used with Humanoid and VRChat avatars, but it can also be used in games and video streaming. It has not been tested on the Full Tora, so please use it on the Full Tora by yourself. You can use it at ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- Configuration OVRLipsync: 15 types Blend shapes: 70 different types Animation override set 5 species Lip-sync and eye tracking support VRC SDK Dynamic bone has been configured. Shaders used UTS2 ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- Bundled Data ----------------------------------------------------- 3D Model fbx data ryuze.fbx Number of polygons: 36227△ Number of materials: 8 Number of textures: 5   Performance Rank: Medium ----------------------------------------------------- ryuze_base.fbx Elements Number of polygons: 21689△ Number of materials: 8 Number of textures: 3  ----------------------------------------------------- Shorthair.fbx Extra Hair Objects Short-cut hair Polygon count: 6696△ Number of materials: 1 Number of textures: 1 ----------------------------------------------------- Longhair.fbx Extra Hair Objects Long hair braids are long hair braids Number of polygons: 3082△ Number of materials: 1 Number of textures: 1  ----------------------------------------------------- ponytail.fbx Extra Hair Objects The ponytail is Polygon count: 3792△ Number of materials: 2 Number of textures: 2  ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- PNG texture data body.png clothes.png hair.png head.png accessory.png ----------------------------------------------------- PSD texture data body.psd clothes.psd hair.psd head.psd accessory.psd ----------------------------------------------------- Data for masks masuku.png masuku2.png ----------------------------------------------------- Data for matte caps mat.png mat2.png metal.png ----------------------------------------------------- Data for normal maps HNormal.png ----------------------------------------------------- UnityPackage data RYUZE.unitypackage  ----------------------------------------------------- Readme.txt Instructions.pdf These two points are descriptions only in Japanese. These two points are explained in Japanese only. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Terms of Use

    Terms of Use By using this model, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service. You are free to change colors and make modifications as you wish. You may use the model in media other than VRC (games, animations, applications). No restrictions on commercial use or monetization. There are no restrictions on the use of R-18 and R-18G, but please make sure to make a distinction between them. □Prohibited items Use against public order and decency. Political or religious use, or use to harm or induce other people or groups Self-made statements To make the model data available to non-purchasers (Redistribution, avatar pedestal and avatar cloning, etc.) Disclaimer for any damage, loss or disadvantage incurred using this model.  We do not take any responsibility. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)