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    MountainParka -5color- for VRoid

    Published from : 2023/07/11 19:26:12

    Product Details

    This data is an outdoor coding set for VRoidStudio. Exhibition organized by Pixiv ・NEOKET3 2022/11/5(Sat) - 2022/11/6(Sun)【E-17】 These are the 1 trade show events we have exhibited at. I will be exhibiting this outfit at an exhibition at VRChat. ・Virtual Market 2023 Summer Aquedust Capital Avidaar Open Sesame - Megist Bazaar Entrance - 5 【2023/7/15(Sat)~7/30(Sun) 】 Various items are also on display at BOOTH https://promethe.booth.pm/ ---File contents--- ・For long coat (stand)  ▶︎ mountain-hoodie-yellow.png  ▶︎MountainHoodieGreen.png  ▶︎Mountain Parka Pink.png  ▶︎Mountain Parka Blue.png  ▶︎Mountain Parker Red.png  ▶︎ Costume parameter guideline ・For pants  ▶︎ outdoor-shorts.png ・For basketball shoes  ▶︎ outdoor-boots.png ・For VRoid body  ▶︎nordic-style-leggings.png ・README ※Version may be updated without notice for additions, weight reductions, fixes, etc. ※Avatar not included ※Please note that this is a downloadable product and no refunds can be made after purchase. ※I will use Twitter for any announcements. ---How to use --- It is intended to be dressed in VRoidStudio. Mountain Parka" is for a long coat (stand) ①Costume Edit→Design→Category→Costume→Select "Long Coat (Stand)" for the upper body→Set the silhouette you want with the long coat parameters (we recommend a little room in the collar, sleeves and waist) (2) Edit costume→Texture→Hide default textures→Add layer with "+" →Import to the added long coat layer. Outdoor shorts" are for pants ①Costume Edit→Design→Category→Costume→Select lower body "Pants (long coat)" →Set the desired silhouette in the pants parameter (it is recommended to make the spread of the pants a little downy) (2) Edit costume→Texture→Hide default texture→Add layer with "+" →Import to the added long coat layer Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) Outdoor Boots" for basketball shoes ①Costume Edit→Design→Category→Shoes→Select "basketball shoes"→Set the toe shape to "No Angle 2) Edit costume→Texture→Shoes→Hide default texture→Add layer by "+"→Import to the added basketball shoes layer Nordic leggings" are for bare body Edit body shape→Texture→Hide default texture→Add layer with "+"→Import to the added layer of the body -------------------- Right holders and contact information for right holders Rights holders:Lalaluu メール:promethe.avatar@gmail.com Twitter:@LalaluuVR Website:https://promethe.booth.pm/

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    Atelier Lalaluu_License_Agreement The License Agreement can be downloaded from the VketStore page below. Please check it out. https://store.vket.com/ja/items/7333