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    [VRCMusician] UltraTrombone! Playable Trombone for Avatars 3.0!

    Published from : 2023/06/13 14:59:47

    Product Details

    UltraTrombone! is a real playable instrument for VRChat Avatars 3.0! You can easily play almost any songs, with a wide range of 3 octaves! It is very intuitive, and contains an in-depth tutorial to get you started. You can play alone, or with your friends too, like in the video shared above. It is really fun to learn this instrument with other people, and give concerts in public! You can become a VR minstrel today! The UltraTrombone has 3 octaves, from C2 to C5, and is tuned in C Major. That means you can play as much as 24 notes! That allows you to play a lot of songs that are in C Major key! It contains 2 modes: - Easy mode, ideal for beginners or UltraHarp players. - Pro mode (Slide), ideal for players who want to experiment or have fun! Everything is controlled by gestures, physbones and contacts, in a very intuitive and easy to understand way! It has a small learning curve to get used to it, but it is definitely easier than real-life instruments. The installation is extremely easy, can be done by anyone and will take only 5 minutes! It contains an in-depth PDF to guide you. It is compatible with WD OFF and ON! **If you enjoy it, we will release more instruments like this in the future! Stay tuned!**

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