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VR空間のプロダクト専門ECサイト Vket Store

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    Visual effects(Particles)


    Sales start date : 2022/11/07 13:32:49

    Product Details

    It becomes a high touch effect that can be used in Unity. Only personal use can be modified. built-in compatible I am making it emit light with Bloom. Contents: eff_hifive_star_01.unitypackage Version: Unity 2019.4.31f1

    Terms of Use

    ■License Commercial use:✖️ Fix or Remodeling:○ Redistribution or Resale:✖️ ■Terms of use ・Modification, change possible ・I prohibit the use by the act that an author judges to be inappropriate ・The author is not responsible for any trouble or damage caused by using this model. ・Redistribution, sale, etc. are prohibited regardless of whether or not it has been modified or altered.