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    Vketchan Custum emoji pack for VRChat plus

    Published from : 2024/05/21 12:24:14

    Product Details

    This is PNG data for custom animated emojis for VRChat Plus users. **How to Use:** 1. Go to the official VRChat website. 2. Click on "Gallery." 3. Select the "Emoji" tab. 4. Click on "Upload Emoji." 5. Check the "Enable Sprite Sheet Mode [BETA]" box, then drag and drop your image or select the image from "Select Files." 6. Choose your preferred FPS (animation speed) and click "Next." 7. Select the desired emoji animation and click "Next" to complete the upload. **Credits:** - Emoji Illustration: MINUI [https://x.com/minui_7](https://x.com/minui_7) - Emoji Animation: Rieva [https://x.com/rieva_ky](https://x.com/rieva_ky)

    Terms of Use

    Terms of Use: The following actions are prohibited: Using for purposes of defamation, harassment, or any disruptive behavior Redistribution or reselling Altering the content (changing FPS is allowed) Using the image data for anything other than custom emojis Disclaimer: The creator is not responsible for any issues, damages, or problems that may occur from using this data. The copyright of the distributed materials is not waived.