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    [3DItem] Magical Morning star

    Sales start date : 2022/07/29 21:09:57

    Product Details

    This data is intended to be used as an accessory for VRChat avatars and VRM avatars (cluster, etc.). Exhibition at VRChat, Virtual Market 2022 Summer We will be exhibiting at the "Granvale Academy of Sorcerers Fantasia". We are also exhibiting various items on BOOTH https://promethe.booth.pm/ ---Contents of file ---- M_Morning Star_typeA(VRChat) ▷FBX    ▶M_Morning Star_Hi_typeA.fbx(△14674)    ▶M_Morning Star_L_typeA.fbx(△3274) ▷URL of lilToonShader ▷Texture    ▶M_Morning Star_typeA.png    ▶M_Morning Star_typeA_MatCap.png ▷UnityPackage    ▶M_Morning Star_typeA.unitypackage ▷How to use TypeA.txt M_Morning Star_typeB(VRM) ▷FBX    ▶M_Morning Star_Hi_typeB.fbx(△14674)    M_Morning Star_L_typeB.fbx(△3274) ▷Texture    M_Morning Star_typeB.png    ▶M_Morning Star_typeB_MatCap.png ▷UnityPackage    ▶M_Morning Star_typeB.unitypackage ▷How to use TypeB.txt README (JPN) README (ENG) Please note that the version may be updated without notice for additions, weight reductions, corrections, etc. 3D models and avatars are not included. Please note that this is a downloadable product and no refunds will be made after purchase. We will use Twitter for notifications. -------------------- Right holders and contact information for right holders Rights holders:Lalaluu メール:promethe.avatar@gmail.com Twitter:@LalaluuVR Website:https://promethe.booth.pm/

    Terms of Use

    Atelier Lalaluu_License_Agreement The License Agreement can be downloaded from the VketStore page below. Please check it out. https://store.vket.com/ja/items/7333