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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2022/03/27 02:41:18

    Product Details

    Burden is a lost soul who was once someone precious to a young boy who could not speak his mind. They live on as a spirit, melding with bodies to get by, putting an immense Burden on the person. Burden comes with the following: - Extending arms that can be adjusted - Togglable more humanlike arms - An Avatar Dynamics version included - an attachable accessory version of Burdens arm previously only on Lavisto. look below for general instructions (Blender knowledge required!) For using the accessory arm included in the package, you must have your avatar of choice having the same naming conventions for the bones, as the model given in the unity package. Once they are the same names, you must merge the armatures in blender. Then you can export to unity to use the animators given in the package!

    Terms of Use

    Terms of Service ---------------- - Commercial use such as Streaming and Vtubing as an individual is fine. - Using The model to support a company or business will need to request permission from @FlowerGoodYes on Twitter. - Making any sort of offbrand merchandice based on the design of the model is Allowed if given permission from @FlowerGoodYes on Twitter. - Violent and Sexual Activity is allowed. - Distribution of the Original Assets and material will not be allowed. - Distribution of Modified assets of the model Will not be allowed. - Child sales on V-Market are only allowed. Otherwise known as accessories specific to the model. child sales will only be allowed to be sold given it's on the V-market store and you follow the child sale distribution rate - Modification of the model is allowed to the full extent, Just not to be Distributed.