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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2021/05/15 15:04:08

    Product Details

    A young boy who always held himself from speaking what he thought. One day Grew a second mouth that would speak his mind, Moving it's tongue like a devil of sorts. The name Lavisto Is Derived from the word "Lavish", Which means to be full of something. The reason for the name is that I wanted to make a model that can be Full of vivid Expression. What is included in the Package - 3 Outfits Total to give a sense of customizability on the spot after purchase. - The Full base and .Blend file aswell as the Original .Clip files with a converted .PSD variant for Photoshop users. - An Avatar 3.0 system for 2D viseme's using Parameters in a way that is new to VRChat. - An Shadow like Arm called Burden, that comes from the back with custom made animations by @Nemuri15971637 - Audio Link outfit (Melting Point) to sync with worlds that enable it! - A Sitting adjustment slider thanks to the work of @InPlanaria! - A Halo Prefab with an Idle Animation! - Guide System to help Users Re-Texture the model on their own. Polycount = 55472-68968 Materials = 7-9 Dyn Bones = 0 Performance = Good-Medium This model Uses both 2D Visemes and 3D Visemes for speech. I have created an entire 2D viseme system so that you can have a 2D face while also having visemes across all of the expressions. This was done Via Spritesheet and 7 bones for the 7 expressions. The main goal was to make a model that is not VRoid but allows alot of power to 2D artists to change and draw out new expressions aswell as providing guides to help artists understand how to Re-Texture the model. I hope to see lots of new faces on this model using the guides given! If you do purchase Lavisto, please do send photo's tagging me on twitter, i love seeing what people do with the model! @FlowerGoodYes

    Terms of Use

    Terms of Service ---------------- - Commercial use such as Streaming and Vtubing as an individual is fine. - Using The model to support a company or business will need to request permission from @FlowerGoodYes on Twitter. - Making any sort of offbrand merchandice based on the design of the model is Allowed if given permission from @FlowerGoodYes on Twitter. - Violent and Sexual Activity is allowed. - Distribution of the Original Assets and material will not be allowed. - Distribution of Modified assets of the model Will not be allowed. - Child sales on V-Market are only allowed. Otherwise known as accessories specific to the model. child sales will only be allowed to be sold given it's on the V-market store and you follow the child sale distribution rate - Modification of the model is allowed to the full extent, Just not to be Distributed.