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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2020/11/16 08:32:33

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    Buy on Booth: https://muffinofgood.booth.pm/items/2228938 Video Edited by @CalebPence https://youtu.be/bV-vgKNDwmQ Extrica is derived from the word "Extricate" meaning to be released and free. Extrica is an EX Male who lost his body and now inhabits clothes forming his head to be whatever his desires are. He is free from pain and released from mortality not having a body no more. How he lost his body is yet unknown. Extrica has 7 Different Heads aswell as 4 Different Body's. these are set up to be mixable and easily edited on the fly while maintaining a very good ranking in vrchat. if you go into the .blend provided, you can easily make it excellent! PSD is provided aswell with the adjustments needed for easy colouring! with this many heads and outfits, thats a total of 28 outfit/head combo's that you can do off the bat without colour editing! The model also uses Spritesheets, here is an video example of Spritesheet use in avatar 3.0 VRC https://twitter.com/FlowerGoodYes/status/1281729463110250501 Shader used is made by Silent, It's a Crosstone Shader allowing me sprite sheet support aswell as Coloured Shadows! Model is built around the shader, DL IT HERE! https://s-ilent.booth.pm/items/1894974 Also visit the rest of Silent's Github! https://gitlab.com/users/s-ilent/projects to summarize, this is what you have: - 7 Unique Heads - 4 Outfits - PSD files for easy texture editing - an .Blend file for easy editing for performance! - Unity Package with prefabs ready to go if you just wanna get into it - a jacket made with Spritesheet textures - and its licensed to be used commercially as well, no extra cost. this means your free to use it for selling or promoting something like being a VTuber for example. do not think im allowing resale, I DO NOT ALLOW RESALE OR RE-DISTRIBUTION! If you do buy EXtrica, please share it with me on twitter @FlowerGoodYes i love to see edits and adjustments of the model as i aim to make it as easy as possible! ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo UPDATE 1.3! ----------- - Flame Head no longer Renders through everything! - Weight Paint fixes in multiple outfits! - NO MORE WRITE DEFUALTS! - Locomotion toggle for FBT users to not have moving chest when walking! - Changes to the AV3 Menu to be more organized! - Sitting Emotes are back! - New Crouch animation! For this update make sure that you are on a new project of unity and install the VRC SDK newest for AVATAR 3.0 . Once set up install the new download in the description here to ensure you have an up to date shader. After that install the unity package and you are off to go!

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    Terms of Service. By purchasing this item you agree to adhere to and follow the terms of service. Under no circumstances can this item be used for public avatar worlds in VRChat or any virtual reality game that includes the option for public avatar worlds. This also means Cloning is Off Limits! Under no circumstances may you sell the base or parts of the model. child sales are allowed on the v-market store. Under no circumstances may you redistribute this item. Under no circumstances are you to port onto any game that you plan to profit from. Failure to adhere to terms of service will result in fines and legal action. You may be asked to cease and removal as well. Contact me: @FlowerGoodYes / Flower Of Good#2720 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you make any edits to your model or make a combination you love, PLEASE @ Me on twitter @FlowerGoodYes! i love to see edits of my models!