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    VRChat Assumed avatar accessory "Animation Valletta"

    Published from : 2021/12/01 00:39:27

    Product Details

    It is an accessory "Animation Valletta" for VRChat assumed avatar. It is intended to be used as an accessory to decorate the head of VRChat avatars. Animation Valletta is a Valletta type hair accessory that displays an animation on the oval screen part. Summer-like, winter-like and basic ones without animation are included.

    Terms of Use

    By purchasing this model, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms of use. Support is limited to those purchased from this page. ―――――――――――― The copyright of this model and modified model belongs to pao_ran. This model can be used for video production, distribution activities, commercial use, etc. No credit notation is required. Redistribution and resale of this model is prohibited regardless of modification. Terms of use are subject to change, in which case the latest will apply. It is prohibited to use this model for political, religious activities, or slanderous purposes against others. The author is not responsible for any problems or damages caused by using this model data. Terms of use are subject to change without notice.