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    Home World for VRChat "The Sky in the Vase"

    Published from : 2022/08/11 17:02:47

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    This is a world for VRChat. I created this world as a home world for logging in or for a very small group of people to get together. There is a saying, "Heaven and Earth in a jar", which is based on a Chinese legend. This world is based on a Chinese legend, but this time, we used it as a reference to create a luxurious and gorgeous world in a jar...! Instead, we have created a world that is compact and quiet. It is also small and lightweight, so it is suitable for home worlds (a world you automatically enter when you log in) or worlds where a small number of people gather together. The various settings are also customized for VRChat, so it can be used with relatively little work on Unity. Furthermore, it is lightweight and can be added to existing worlds, right? So I made an additional version for existing worlds. This one is handled a little differently, so please refer to the following installation instructions when installing it. *Currently works only for PC; Quest version is available upon request.... Sample World https://vrch.at/c3g32bar *In the world QvPen https://booth.pm/ja/items/1555789 LightShaft Particle https://booth.pm/ja/items/3847304 Filamented Standard for Unity https://booth.pm/ja/items/3250389 We are borrowing the following About items for sale The Sky in the Vase.unitypackage If you want to use the world as is, this is the way to go. The Sky in the Vase Carrying.unitypackage is a VRChat world with all the necessary settings already done. The sky in the Vase Carrying.unitypackage This is for incorporating into the world. The settings are slightly different from the above, so if you want to incorporate it into a world, use this one. The Sky in the Vase.unitypackage Introduction (1) Install VRChat recommended Unity version. Import the latest version of VRCSDK for the world Import Udonshape Import Post Processing from Package Manager Import The Sky in the Vase ver0.0.unitypackage (6) Start The sky in the Vase.unity in Scenes folder. The sky in the Vase Carrying.unitypackage Introduction The sky in the Vase Carrying.unitypackage is a gimmick that allows the user to move inside the vase by clicking on the warp vase "Celadon Tsubo". The shader used in The sky in the Vase Carrying is "Unlit_WF_Shader" by Flare/whiteflare @whiteflare_vrc. Shader is not included in the package, so please install the latest version by yourself. Download page https://github.com/whiteflare/Unlit_WF_ShaderSuite/releases (1) Import "Unlit_WF_Shader" into the project you want to install. (If it has already been imported, skip this process.) (2) Go to "The sky in the Vase carrying" -> "prefab" -> place "china_small_world.prefab" anywhere in the Hierarchy. (3) Place "china_small_world" → "Celadon Tsubo" at any location.

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