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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    [Weapon] Anti-Human Separate Twin Sword [with Animation]

    Published from : 2020/03/01 11:13:04

    Product Details

    [Weapon] Anti-Human Separate Twin Sword Beware of this product included in Avatar "IORI" that other my product. This is a sword with cool animation. Ver1.1 Updated - Add Logo Plate mesh. - Add new color textures. - Re-edit PDF files.

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    * Terms of use * By purchasing you agree to these terms. 1) The terms of use are subject to change, and the latest version will be applied. If there is a translation difference, the Japanese language rules take precedence. 2) Regarding any trouble or loss caused by the use of this data, 改ORI工房 and its author いおり do not take any responsibility. 3) Since it is assumed to be used with VRChat, it is possible to use it as an avatar or accessory of the world, but it is prohibited to attach this data to an item that can be downloaded with a pedestal etc. 4) Use outside of VRChat is prohibited. You can not deploy it publicly. (ex. Discord) 5) Although the modification is free, the copyright, including the modified one, belongs to the author. It is forbidden to make it available for others to download regardless of whether it is paid or free, including modified ones. (Prohibition of redistribution and sale) 6) We prohibit acts and purposes that are against public order and morals, politics, religious activities, and use for the purpose of slandering others.