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    Square film camera

    Published from : 2020/04/12 06:47:23

    Product Details

    Original 3D model Square film camera Created by Keymaru Unity-compatible, VRchat-enabled 3D model. Can be used for applications, games, video streaming, etc. (Basic specifications) Polygon count: 5040 (9844 for the version with strap). There are two versions: camera body only and with strap. The camera body only version includes a winding dial, helicoid, aperture ring, timer and film counter, Hot shoe cover is bone, aperture and shutter, morphs. The version with strap can be hung around the avatar's neck, Dynamic bone can be used to swing the avatar. Shaders are available in UTS and standard versions. Created by Oyasumi-san. "メガネ向けガラスシェーダーVer.2.0" ( https://booth.pm/ja/items/1035152 ) is used for the lenses. PSD data for texture modification is included. (Contents) film camera black.unitypackage film camera silver.unitypackage film camera strap black.unitypackage film camera strap silver.unitypackage film camera strap.unitypackage film camera.unitypackage Various textures PSD data for colour change readme.txt (How to install) For the camera only version, start Unity → submit unitypackage to the asset. For the version with strap, start Unity → import dynamic bones first. Import dynamic bones first. → Import the unitypackage into the asset. The UTS version has pre-set data in two colours: black and silver. Import whichever you prefer. The Standard version does not have any colour on the textures, You can easily change the colour by changing the colour of the material.

    Terms of Use

    1.The copyright of this model itself is not renounced, but personal use and modification of this model is freely permitted. 2. The copyright of the modified data also belongs to Keymaru. These terms and conditions also apply to the modified data. 3.Redistribution (including after modification), resale, declaration of own work and diversion of parts to other models is prohibited. 4.It is prohibited to make this data and altered data freely available to persons other than the purchaser for various services. 5, Distribution of data including this data in a state where it can be used again in games or animations that use this data or modified data is prohibited. 6.Use for specific religious, political or slanderous purposes is prohibited. No restrictions are imposed on sexual or violent expressions. However, appropriate zoning is required. 8.For corporate or commercial use, please contact Kagimaru before use. 9.For personal use, no credit notation is required. For corporate use, please indicate credits. Disclaimer. The author will not compensate for any damage or harm caused to users as a result of using this data. The author shall not be held responsible for any damage or harm caused to other users as a result of using this data. The author reserves the right to update or discontinue the sale of this data without prior notice. The author shall not be liable for any damage or harm caused to others as a result of the use of this data.