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    We Are Slave For VRChat -Remixes-

    Published from : 2021/03/02 21:03:55

    Product Details

    "Today, we can meet to everyone... Again." -----------------Special sale: 1,500 yen during MusicVket!------------------- The official remix collection of "nadeco Ft. MC KCD - We Are Slave For VRChat", which became a hot topic at VRDJ club events with its distinctive VRChat-themed Russian Hardbass and its music video, is now available! In addition to 3dNOW and H.U.T GiGAR, members of the overseas VRDJ event "LONER", "SHELTER" organizer 2TONEDISCO, and Tatsh, who is well known for music games, have also participated! Let's shout out our love for VRChat with this collection of remixes in various genres and tastes, and with the highest quality, and have fun with the friends you meet at VRChat. Credits: Remixers: 3dNOW  https://twitter.com/3dNOW​ NIX  https://twitter.com/NIXsatou​ H.U.T GiGAR  https://twitter.com/gigas_k​ LONER  https://twitter.com/Loner_Online​ SHIRIA@  https://twitter.com/shiriajp​ Outcry  https://twitter.com/iamOutcry​ Sanotch  https://twitter.com/Sanotch_jp​ 2TONEDISCO  https://twitter.com/2ToneDisco​ Xystran  https://twitter.com/Xystran​ Tatsh  https://twitter.com/Tatsh_Shimizu​ Movie: never0200  https://twitter.com/never0200

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