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    Published from : 2021/11/05 13:47:45

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    【!!!】A limited edition including "See Ya Again (170 BPM Hardcore Version)" is available for a special price during MusicVket3 only!!!【!!!】 "See you tomorrow, play with me in VR." The second EP by XTRM Records. With the theme of "See you all again tomorrow", three people who have interacted with each other on VRChat gather together. Inheriting the style from Ri-nergy's mainstay "Freeform Hardcore," "Reunite Once More" has a full-on sense of speed and grandeur. H.U.T GiGAR's "DELIVERY FROM THE PAST" with its anomalous sound and high-speed progression. "See Ya Again", the first hardstyle track by Xystran, and the representative track of this EP with the same name as the EP. Don't miss out on the unique sound of these unique individuals! 【Credit】 Ri-nergy https://twitter.com/Ri_NRG H.U.T GiGAR https://twitter.com/gigas_k Xystran https://twitter.com/Xystran Special Thanks: SHIRIA@ https://twitter.com/shiriajp kata_Mare https://twitter.com/kata_Mare Music Video never0200 https://twitter.com/never0200

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