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    We Are Slave For VRChat -Remixes- 2

    Published from : 2023/08/23 20:01:54

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    !!!!! Limited sale during MusicVket5 !!!!! "Once again, with that shout." It has been three years since the original song "We Are Slave For VRChat" was released. And this is the second collection of remixes of VRChat anthems that have been played at various VRDJ events and real events! This time, energetic composers, who is very into VRChat remixed this anthem tracks again! Here are remixes by isle, COCOLO, the sub account, Assertive, and Presti that showcase their individuality! Also original song from Xystran, and M4tt's remix of "VRChat Friends", a"Yandere Drum and Bass" added! Let's all sing this line together, again. 【Credit】 [Composer] isle Xystran COCOLO Presti the sub account Assertive M4tt [Artwork] Shiki

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