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    [FREE TUNE IN!] VketTuck! Offvocal [VketReal]

    Published from : 2023/10/30 19:03:48

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    This is an instrumental version of the theme song played on the VketReal running on the Vket Rack. For more information, see the Terms of Use. Contents include. VketReal, VketReal, VketReal, VketReal! (instrumental version) wav V Ketlak! (instrumental version) mp3 Normal version lyrics Public lyrics

    Terms of Use

    ~ Terms of Use~. *"Buoyant V Kettle Rack! HIKKY Co. The sale of the "V Kettle Rack!" is prohibited. The act of selling the rack itself is prohibited.  Please note that HIKKY is not responsible for any problems that may occur due to its use. The following uses are prohibited.  Use of content that is against the law, public order and morals, or general common sense.  Use of content that defames or slanders a specific individual, company or organisation.  Use of content that is detrimental to the project.  Use in religious matters.  Use in illegal publications or media. In the case of personal use, there is no need to contact us or indicate a link to our website. If you wish to use a link, please use the following link. ----- 'Buoyant V Kettle Rack!' © HIKKY Co. ----- In principle, use for commercial purposes is prohibited.  In principle, use for commercial purposes is prohibited.  Use in VR space worlds, games produced by individuals, etc., is possible. *These precautions may be subject to additional change. In such cases, we may contact you. *What you can use freely <example>. * Use on sites (including personal, corporate, affiliate sites and internet shops). * Personal use in companies, schools, etc. * Use as background music in shops, etc. * Use in doujinshi games. * Use in videos.  (Use in videos (even if the personal video channel is a paid channel (monetised channel)). Basically, as long as you do not distribute the music or illustrations themselves, you can use them freely. It would be great if you could introduce a description of the music etc., but it is not compulsory. If you let us know by email or Twitter, we will gladly take a look. ■What we would like to hear from you. *Commercial use outside the scope of the above (regarding incorporation (illustration) into applications → product labels, packaging, etc.)  For personal games/applications, use is possible