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    PEKO PEKO BATTLE2 BGM + Special Arrange / yuugen6

    Published from : 2021/02/07 21:47:08

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    This is a soundtrack collection for "PEKO PEKO BATTLE 2". "PEKO PEKO BATTLE 2" is a VRsports game in VRChat. and It includes songs with good arrangements by special artists. ■Track List■ 01.「PEKO_PEKO_BATTLE2 / yuugen6」 02.「PEKO PEKO BATTLE -Direct Oneshot Remix- / DRIVE.」 03.「Peko Peko Battle(M-UE Remix) / M-UE」 04.「Pek0 Pek0 Battle -Yumeji cust0m- / Yumeji」 ■Credit■ -Composer- yuugen6 (https://twitter.com/yuugen6vr ) -Arranger- DRIVE. (https://twitter.com/rkDRIVE ) M-UE (https://twitter.com/completiodesire ) Yumeji (https://twitter.com/yumejimeyu ) -Artwork- DRIVE. (https://twitter.com/rkDRIVE ) -VRChat World Creator- キャンディちゃん (https://twitter.com/candy_f_milk ) -3D model(Dia-ディア-)- なるか (https://twitter.com/naruka_ruka ) ■VRChat World Link■ 【PEKO PEKO BATTLE2】 -Author- キャンディちゃん (https://twitter.com/candy_f_milk ) https://www.vrchat.com/home/world/wrld_cc2a3fcc-62d3-41da-9c5c-b627791b1f36 Thank you for listening!!

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    Secondary distribution or redistribution of the original data by itself (music only) is prohibited.(However, this is not a problem if it is incorporated into a creative work such as a game.) You can use it as background music for YouTube videos, live streaming, Twitter videos, etc. (We would be very happy if you contact us.)