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    Published from : 2021/03/05 21:52:48

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    I’m Tatsh, My representative song is Xepher,REDZONE from beatmaniaIIDX The Platinum Long ver of 『Xanatos』, a song provided by the rhythm game Arcaea, is recorded for the first time! New techno song Adam under the name of DJ MURASAME Includes Jelly Beans with V singer musica as guest vocalist. A new edit of the psychedelic butterfly, which is a popular song of me Also includes Japanesque with an oriental tone provided to Kanako Hoshino. Please use the recorded music for DJ PLAY! ■ High resolution sound source In addition to the normal sound source, a high resolution sound source of 24bit 48khz WAV is also included. ■ Purchase benefits With PDF of the first half of the light novel "HARMONIX series latest work" linked to the new CD scheduled to be distributed in the spring of 2021 Please enjoy it with full-color illustrations.The novel is in Japanese only

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