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    Compilation Album "IllustYeah!"

    Published from : 2021/03/06 04:31:41

    Product Details

    TokyoUnderground has released a new compilation album! And the content is an Irasutoya compilation! What the hell is going on? /*---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ This compilation album will be a compilation hosted by TokyoUnderground called "IllustYeah! It's a compilation where you select one of the pictures from Irasutoya and record a song associated with it. The following tracks are included in this compilation album 1. Antem vs 712 - Darkness Fitness 2. pinoyaki - litmus test paper change 3. todayday - psychic powers 4. 02. - Monolith 5. ToYou - Oumuamua 6. Ryume Hashimoto - Company Employees Sleeping in the Water 7. chiriri - Tornado Potato For more information about the participants and to see the illustrations by Irasutoya that correspond to the songs, please visit the special site https://tokyounderground.net/release/musicvket2/ The jacket data is included in this album. This data is used to set the jacket data for the song playback software. Please refrain from releasing this data to outside parties.

    Terms of Use

    Non-commercial use other than unauthorized reproduction is allowed. When using a song, please include all of the following information: [song title, artist name, and artist's Twitter URL]. If you wish to use the song for commercial purposes, please contact contact@tokyounderground.net.