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    Original BGM Collection Vol.2 [# 004,005,007] After the rain Cat garden shopping street

    Published from : 2021/02/07 22:14:21

    Product Details

    It is an assortment of 3 music files (mp3) created by DaiDai_RootSquare. ①: [# 004 Rusted garden (mp3 only)] (Listen): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrXqafiXQNo * wav, additional version of sheet music https://daidairootsquare.booth.pm/items/1888166 ②: [# 006 Ameagari Robot Shitamachi Shopping Street] (Listen): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj4CjguXuY0&t ③: [# 007 Nekosho-san] (Listen): (Piano solo version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THRWn5g74GM (Multi-sound source version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtFjT7RKNTM Image illustration provided by Mizore Nekoyanagi * wav, piano solo sheet music additional version https://daidairootsquare.booth.pm/items/2604104

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    <Terms of Service> By using this song, it is considered that you have agreed to the following terms of use. The creator "DaiDai RootSquare" is within the scope of these Terms of Use. The use of this music data is permitted. [Terms of use of music] If the following conditions (1) to (3) are met, this song can be used free of charge regardless of the purpose of use. (No usage report required) ①: Copyright notice Please indicate the copyright on the used work. If you know that it is a song of "DaiDai Root Square" or "DaiDai_RootSquare" The notation method does not matter. (Example: "BGM: DaiDai RootSquare") ②: Observe the following [copyright, etc.] items ③: Observe the following [Prohibited matters] [Copyright, etc.] ・ All rights including copyright, copyright, neighboring rights of music It is owned by "Daidai Route Square (Daidai_RootSquare)". ・ Although it is possible to process (arrange) music, (1) The original author is "DaiDai_RootSquare (DaiDai_RootSquare)" (2) The original copyright belongs to "DaiDai_RootSquare" Please display or convey. [Prohibited matter] The following acts, expressions, etc. are prohibited. ・ Publication and distribution for purposes other than BGM ・ The act of selling or distributing part or all of this data (including modifications) without the permission of the creator. ・ Registration with a copyright management organization ・ Use for acts aimed at giving mental distress or excessive discomfort ・ Content created using this data or its modifications Expressions that may be misunderstood as being officially recognized by the creator (even though they are not officially recognized) ・ Use for acts that violate the law [Disclaimer] ・ For any problems, damages, disadvantages, etc. caused by using this song DaiDai root square (DaiDai_RootSquare) cannot be held responsible. that's all -Established on 2020.06