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    Original BGM Collection Vol.1 [#001-003] Silver Explorational Garden

    Published from : 2020/06/04 22:35:49

    Product Details

    It is a package of free music files (mp3) made by DaiDai_RootSquare. 1.[オリジナル曲(bgm素材) 「作品#001 銀の狐花亭」(ver1.01)] (Audition):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgAOrmh501A 2.[[BGM素材] 作品#002 Mint garden] (Audition):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqQmok7qL2I 3.[(オリジナルBGM)「作品#003 探幽」] (Audition):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBXFzHNPaDM

    Terms of Use

    <Terms of use> If you use this song, you are deemed to have agreed to the following terms of use. Creator "Daidai_RootSquare" permit the use of this song data within the following terms and conditions. [Music usage conditions] If the following conditions (1) to (3) are met, you can use this music for free regardless of the purpose. (No usage report required) (1): Copyright notice Please display the copyright on the used works. If you know that it is a song of "だいだいルート2乗" or "DaiDai_RootSquare", notation method does not matter. (Example: "BGM: DaiDai_RootSquare") (2): Comply with the following [Copyright, etc.] item contents (3): Comply with the following [Prohibited items] [Copyright, etc.] -All rights including copyrights, copyrights, and neighboring rights of music Owned by "Daidai_RootSquare". -Although it is possible to process (arrange) music, (1) The original author is "Daidai_RootSquare"   (2) The original copyright belongs to "Daidai_Root Square" Please display or convey. [Prohibited matter] The following acts and expressions are prohibited. -Publish/distribute for purposes other than BGM -The act of selling or distributing part or all (including modifications) of this data without the permission of the creator -Registration to copyright management organization -Use for actions that aim to give emotional distress or excessive discomfort -Contents created using this data or its modifications are Expression that can be misunderstood as authorized (although not officially authorized) -Use for acts that violate the law [Disclaimer] -About any problems, damages, disadvantages, etc. caused by using this song, Daidai_RootSquare cannot be held responsible. ---Established 2020.06