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    Die Another Day/Otonashi Muon【Original Song】

    Published from : 2021/03/04 01:08:49

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    iTunes Store Japan Metal Category 1st place! The original song "Die Another Day", which is the 8th and 7th solo songs in total. In this work, "While drawing negative emotions such as emotional conflict, regret, depression, jealousy, etc. hidden inside, the negative energy is changed to positive, converted into energy that springs up, and put on the song. With that feeling in mind, Muon Otonashi faces the song more than ever, and is finished in a self-confident work with all his soul. It will be an ambitious work that challenged Muon Otonashi's first metal sound with the virtual JK "Tora Ochibue" who came from hell for the lyrics / composition. Please listen to the intense and beautiful metal sound played by women. Title: Die Another Day Vocal: Muon Otonashi https://twitter.com/otonashi6on Lyric: Tora Ochi Bue https://twitter.com/MogariBueDesu Compose: Tora Ochi Bue Movie edit and more: Virtual Shirokuma https://twitter.com/469ma_max

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