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    [Original 3D Avatar] Cecitear

    Published from : 2020/12/21 00:27:54

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    *This product is intended for personal use in VRChat, VR games, virtual motion capture, etc., as well as for use in games that are intended for public release and sale. *Please purchase only if you agree to the terms of use. ■Avatar Overview *Environment : Unity 2018.4.20f1 *Polygons : -69361 *Performance : Poor *Full Tracking : Support/Verified *Materials : 5 *Blend Shapes : 73 (except for lip sync and blink) *Meshes : 4 (Face/Hair/Body/Dress) *Physics : Dynamic Bone (Hair/Skirt/Tail/Ear)  Please purchase and import Dynamic Bone in advance. *Color Variation : 2 (with psd files) *Avatar2.0 ■Folder composition *FBX  →This folder contains FBX files of the split mesh version and the normal version. *Texture  →This folder contains image files and PSD files of each texture, and textures for color variations. *Cecitear.unitypackage  →This is the unity package file for the avatar itself. *Cecitear.blend  →Blend file. Please use it to make changes.

    Terms of Use

    ----------------------------------------------------- By purchasing this model, you agree to the Terms of Use. Please be sure to read them before purchasing. These terms of use are subject to change without notice. In such cases, the latest version of the Terms of Use shall apply. Enacted on December 19, 2020 ----------------------------------------------------- 1) Disclaimer The model creator Sugakuremon (hereinafter referred to as "the model creator") shall not be held responsible for any damage or trouble caused by the use of this model. 2) Prohibited matters Redistribution of this model, models or data that have been appropriated or altered from this model (hereinafter referred to as "altered data"), or attached materials such as textures. Redistribution of this model or any part of this model (hereinafter referred to as "altered data"), or accessories such as textures. Requesting a third party who has not purchased the model to modify it. Use of the model for defamation of specific individuals or groups, or for political or religious activities. Use of the model for political or religious activities. 3) Commercial use In principle, permission is granted. In such cases, please make sure to indicate the name of the model creator. If you are a corporation, please contact us in advance. The following are examples of possible uses. - Use in games that are intended to be sold or published. - Acting out the personality of this model or modified data (VTuber activities, etc.). Receiving advertising revenue from such activities. We would appreciate it if you could let us know before you start your activities. However, this does not apply to the following cases. - Selling this model or modified data. 4) About alterations Permission is granted. However, the copyright of any model that has been modified or appropriated from this model shall also be held by the model creator. 5) Reflecting in videos, screenshots, etc. taken by third parties Permission is granted. No credit is required in cases where money is paid to the third party. 6) Use in R-18/R-18G Permission is granted. However, we ask that you refrain from making your work available to the general public on Twitter or in any other way that would expose it to an unspecified number of people. 7) About support We do not provide support for the use of this model outside of VRChat.