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    VRChat avatar Anrine Ver2.5 VCC VRM included

    Published from : 2021/11/04 17:04:59

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    The set includes a preconfigured scene and various models and textures of "Anne-Lynne" in the Unitypackage. A set of pre-configured scenes, various models and textures are included in the Unitypackage. Download VCC from VRChat official website https://vrchat.com/home/download Create a project for the avatar Add GestureManager from ManageProject. (If you have already installed it, this process is not necessary.) Download and import the necessary assets and shaders for the avatar. Download and import the necessary assets and shaders for your avatar. Free] lilToon https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 Finally, import the UnityPackage for this avatar. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■Basic information about the avatar Status: VeryPoor Polygon count: 159026 Uploaded size: 59.39MB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ・Touch menu version is 159402 polygons. About touch panel synchronization. When you touch the touch panel, the parameters for the Expression menu also move at the same time. The parameters for the Expression menu are set to move at the same time, so they are synchronized even when viewed by other people. When the world is moved, the touch panel turns on the Expression menu even though it is not on in the touch panel. If you touch the touched point twice, it will move normally. If the behavior goes wrong, please reset your avatar from the Expression menu. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Details of contents ReadMe.txt Product image Avatar scenes with avatar settings Avatar_16_Anrine.unity Just double click to open the scene and upload it. (If you cannot open the scene by double-clicking, right-click on it and use Open.) Model data Avatar_16_Anrine.fbx (Fbx output from metasequoia4) TF_Ring_Beam.fbx UI_Tachpanel.fbx Weapon_Canon.fbx Weapon_Gun.fbx Weapon_lance.fbx Weapon_lanceBlade.fbx WeaponBay.fbx Material data  TF_Beam Avatar_16_Anrine_accessory Avatar_16_Anrine_Body Avatar_16_Anrine_cheek Avatar_16_Anrine_Face Avatar_16_Anrine_Hair Avatar_16_Anrine_Hair2 Avatar_16_Anrine_underwear Avatar_16_Battlecos Avatar_16_BattlecosMecha Avatar_16_Anrine_SchoolUniform Weapon_Gun Weapon_Gun_Blade Weapon_lance Weapon_lance_Blade WeaponBay Ver2 additional material data VRChat_16_Summer VRChat_16_Winter VRChat_16_Winter_Coat VRChat_16_Anrine_SwimWear Ver2.5 additional material data VRChat_16_Anrine_UI -Texture Png format with the same name as the above material There are also mask images for base, normal, and elements. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Animator & settings file for VRChatAvatar3.0 Idle motion and hand signs already overwritten with your own vrc_AvatarV3ActionLayer_Anrine vrc_AvatarV3FXLayer_Anrine vrc_AvatarV3HandsLayer_Anrine vrc_AvatarV3IdleLayer_Anrine vrc_StandingLocomotion_Anrine Expressions configuration file VRCExMenu_Anrine_Sub_Cloth For switching costumes VRCExMenu_Anrine_Sub_Emote Normal Emote VRCExMenu_Anrine_Sub_Face For changing facial expressions, this has priority over hand signs. VRCExMenu_Anrine_Sub_Weapon Weapon menu    VRCExpressionParameters_Anrine   VRCExpressionsMenu_Anrine Expressions menu for Anrine Additional menus and parameters for touch panels VRCExpressionParameters_Anrine_Touch  VRCExpressionsMenu_Anrine_Touch -Icon folder Icon image data used for Expressions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PSD files for color change are also available.

    Terms of Use

    You can find more details here. It is written in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. 20230629012408vn3license_en.pdf 20230629012408vn3license_en.pdf 20230629012408vn3license_zh.pdf 20230629012408vn3license_ko.pdf The contents are also output as an image. The following information is not included in the above list. Output with a 3D printer for non-commercial purposes is OK. Installation as an object (figure or NPC) in the world is OK. VRM is not mentioned here because the terms and conditions are included in the VRM. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Disclaimer (Anomalo P) shall not be liable for any damages incurred through the use of this data. Please use at your own risk. ◆Contact Please reply to Twitter. DM is only for mutual followers. (https://twitter.com/anomarokarintou) Or to this email address. anomarokarintou★yahoo.co.jp Please change ★ to @ and send. Or join our discord server and inquire. https://discord.com/invite/SeHYx2aWH4 Terms of Use established November 05, 2021 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■Update history ・July 02, 2023 Directory has been changed to correspond to VCC. The directory has been moved to AnomaroWorkShop/Character. (Note that overwriting the previous data will mess up the directory.) Japanese and English versions are available in the Expression menu. The _JP in the scene data is the Japanese version, and _Eng is the English version of the menu. Please use it as you like. Also, the Terms of Use have been moved to the VN3 license. The basics are the same as before, but it is much easier to understand. Adjusted the animation of shape key exploding in GestureManager. Fixed a typo in the texture of the UI panel. Changed the operating conditions of the breathing gimmick. Changed VelocityZ of Animator Parameter to VelocityMagnitude. Until now, it only worked when moving straight for about 3 seconds, As a result, the breathing gimmick will now work no matter which direction you move. May 9, 2022 Adjusted twin tails that became violent after the Pyesbone update on May 6. May 2, 2022 Replaced Dynamicbone with PhysBone. Added object on/off and Physbone on/off to transformation animations. Changed shader from Poiyomi to lilToon. Adjusted animations at the same time. Updated Fbx data, modified around the wrist of the body shape key for winter clothing. Added shape key to make underwear bra smaller. It is now less likely to pop out of the uniform. Added a flight gimmick so that the avatar can actually float when the flight animation plays. Added touch screen UI for new avatar functions and Contact. Touching the rosary on the chest with the left hand will bring up the UI. When you touch it with your right finger, you can change your outfit and change your weapon like in the Expression menu. You can change outfits and switch weapons as in the Expression menu. Avatar upload size has been reduced from 101.84MB to 59.46MB. December 27, 2021 Added three new outfits: swimsuit, summer, and winter. Added icons for each in the CLOTH menu. Changed some of the parameters to save. (They are now preserved even if you move worlds). November 06, 2021 Fixed some missing particles. November 05, 2021 Start of sales.