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The avatars of "imarine Project & Naginami Channel" will appear in "World Festi-VR "Core"" at the VisualMarket6 from August 14, 2021 to August 28, 2021.   At the same time, in commemoration of the exhibition, we will also sell model data (avatar 3D data) of imarine & Naginami. Please wear the avatar data of imarine & Naginami and enjoy the world of VR during this period.     [What is imari Project] The imarine Project started in 2015 with the theme of co-creating with a number of next-generation creators and artists. Next-generation character project.   From 2020, the new chapter imarine Project will start. Based on the concept of 2.8-dimensional idol, he plans medium- to long-term artist activities centered on songs, video expressions, and performances.   Character design: Mr. Shirabi Singing: Aya Uchida imarine official site: https://imarine-project.jp/   [What is Naginami-chan?] I came from the virtual space platform S.E.A. (Second Earth Archives) that had been abandoned in a corner of the sea of ​​electrons. "Nagi Nami" is a duo unit of "Nagi Kaigetsu" and "Nami Hime" who love the sea.   Two people who yearn for the real world go beyond the virtual frame and challenge various real things Hannama Vtuber, also known as Xtuber (Crosstuber), is having fun.   Original songs and music videos will be released from the end of 2020.   Naginami Official Site: https://naginami.com/  

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