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    【Avatar for VRChat】-Arisa-

    Published from : 2020/12/16 21:51:33

    Product Details

    *Since it is translated by Google, I am sorry if there is a part that is difficult to read. 【Avatar for VRChat】Arisa Author:Torin This product is an original avatar for VRChat & VRM content. VRoid data is also included, so you can change it to your favorite outfit using VRoid Studio. I think we will go at this price until the end of Virtual Market 5. ■Contents 【Folder structure】 有紗-Arisa-(Ver1.1.0) ・01_UnityPackage  ->Arisa_Ver1_1_0(SDK2).unitypackage ・02_VRM  ->Arisa_Normal.vrm  ->Arisa_Fantasy.vrm ・03_Texture  ->body  ->costume ・04_VRoidFile  ->Arisa_Normal.vroid  ->Arisa_Fantasy.vroid ・Arisa_Manual.pdf ---------------------------------------- ・UTS2 v.2.0.7 ・Dynamic Bone We recommend that you import the above into your Unity project in advance before using it. *UTS2 (required) / Dynamic bone (if any) *Unity packages are set up with VRC SDK2. *Operation has been confirmed with Unity 2019.4.29f1 / VRoid Studio (v0.14.0). *Operation other than Unity 2019.4.29f1 cannot be guaranteed. ■Change log ・Ver1.0.0 Sales start. ・Ver1.0.1 Added Dynamic Bone unconfigured avatar. (Please use this when uploading without DynamicBone) ・Ver1.1.0 ①Added new costume (fantasy style). ②The price has been changed from 1200JPY to 1500JPY due to the addition of costumes. ■contact information ・twitter:Torin1911  https://twitter.com/Torin1911

    Terms of Use

    ■Terms of service (Updated: 2020/12/16) ・Commercial use: Possible(please let us know) ・Modification: Possible ・Redistribution: Not possible (including after modification) ・Transfer to another person: Not possible ・Use of VRChat: Possible (upload in public is not possible) (Uploading to VRoid Hub etc. so that it can be downloaded by a third party is prohibited. Uploading with NG setting is OK) ■Disclaimer The creator shall not be liable for any troubles or losses caused by using this data. Price changes, data updates, and terms of use are subject to change without notice. ■Copyright All copyrights of this data belong to the author, Torin.