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    Original 3D model "SMD/A-002Veena"

    Published from : 2023/12/02 00:01:41

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    The original 3D model "SMD/A-002 Veena" is It is designed for use in VRChat. Please read carefully and agree to the following content and terms of use before using. By purchasing this model, you agree to the Terms of Use. ------------------------------------------------------------ ☆Avatar Overview☆ ■PC version ・Polygons: 14804 ・Shader: lilToon_1.4.1 is used. ・Only the PC version can use the head transformation animation. ■Quest version ・Avatar Performance: Medium ・Shader: Toon Lit ■Common ・Blend Shape: 10 ・Avatar 3.0 support ・There is a Sit decision. ・Humanoid support ・Materials: 1 (for PC and Quest) ・Textures: 1 ・UnityVer: Unity2019.4.31f1 ------------------------------------------------------------ ☆Product Contents☆ ・Unitypackage  Prefab is available for both PC and Quest. ・Each FBX data  PC version and Quest version. ・Texture set and PSD data   Please use them for modification. ・Flavor text (dialogue and settings)  This is a collection of Veena's settings and lines that she might say. Use as a reference for role-playing. ・Instructions  Including an explanation of merging with Maki. ・Terms of Use (PDF)   If there are any differences between the Japanese and English versions, the Japanese version will take precedence. ------------------------------------------------------------ ☆How to install☆ 1.Download Unity and VCC from the official VRChat website. Install and launch. ↓ 2.Create a new Unity project for your avatar in VCC. ↓ 3.Import lilToon shader (Ver. 1.4.1 or higher) if you are using the PC version. ↓ 4.Import unitypackage. ↓ 5.Drag and drop the prefab in the Asset to the Hierarchy. ↓ 6.Upload from Show Control Panel in VRChat SDK. ------------------------------------------------------------ ☆Combination with Maki (Combination in Unity)☆ 1. Match the Prefab of Veena for Makina included in this product with the FBX for combining included in SMD/A-001 Maki, sold separately. ↓ 2. Apply the Unpack Prefab to the maki, and hide "Main" for the PC version. ↓ 3. Set the Neck_M and Head_M bones of the maki to follow the homonymous bones of the veena for the makina, respectively. You can delete the excess Armture. ↓ 4. Place another maki under the Chest bone of Veena, in addition to the maki that you have tracked. It is not necessary to apply Unpack Prefab to this maki. (PC version only). ↓ 5. Hide the maki and set all position values to 0. (PC version only) ------------------------------------------------------------ ☆Combination in VRChat☆ 1. If you are using Veena, please open the deformation in the Expressionmenu. ↓↓ 2. Select Head_Change(PC_Only) or Head_Change(Quest). When the head is stored in the torso, turn on Sit. ↓↓. 3. If you are using Maki, please turn on Drone OFF in the Expressionmenu and sit on the Sit decision for Veena. Veena's person's vision will be blocked by maki's person. The maki person should be careful not to get screen-sick. The height can be adjusted by the veena person. When returning to the original position, Veena's person should select Head_Release(PC_Only) or Head_Release(Quest), Skirt_OFF, and turn Sit OFF. ------------------------------------------------------------ ☆Contact Us☆ If you have any problems with this avatar, please contact us via x or message in BOOTH. Author: TenguTenshi Email: tengutenshi@yahoo.co.jp Twitter: @tengutenshi ------------------------------------------------------------ ☆Update History☆ 2023/12/02 Ver1.0 is now available!

    Terms of Use

    ☆Terms of Use☆ The Terms of Use for this model have been created using the VN3 license (https://www.vn3.org/). Japanese【https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_6JOeJB6w7-vHnPZ8CZ9YyMNCuMsGo3S/view?usp=sharing】 English【https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kAfNyU7gwt6ugOHjuwdM_u0icHZwsrZG/view?usp=sharing】 SMD/A-002 Veena is also a character in TenguTenshi's original work, the "The Heteromorphic War Dance series". Please use with caution any expressions that may significantly damage the image of her in this work and in the series.