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    Original 3D costume "Sun's Winter costume set"

    Published from : 2023/11/30 02:00:13

    Product Details

    If you have the [New Element Bundle Edition] of the Sun main unit, you can get it for free. ☆Overview☆ ■Sun's Winter Costume set ・All polygon:12664 ・Jacket:3028 ・Sweater:1392 ・Pants:924 ・Sun's tights:2024 ・Boots:2264 ・Gloves:1964 ・Hat:1068 ・Textures: 1 ☆Product Contents☆ ・Sun's Winter Costume set  Armature has been installed. Please fine-tune as needed. ・FBX data  Please use for adjustment.  (The underwear portion of the texture is the same placement as the main body of the Sun. If you want to make it compatible with the Sun, replace the material of the underwear part with that of the winter costume). ・Terms of Use (PDF)   If there are any differences between the Japanese and English versions, the Japanese version will take precedence. ☆Contact Us☆ If you have any problems with this avatar, please contact us via Twitter or message in BOOTH. Author: TenguTenshi Email: tengutenshi@yahoo.co.jp Twitter: @tengutenshi ☆Update History☆ 2022/12/3 Ver1.0 is now available!

    Terms of Use

    ☆Terms of Use☆ The Terms of Use for this model have been created using the VN3 license (https://www.vn3.org/). Japanese【https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IRnjPosYuprUyx4WyYhnVbrH4JI4gj4v/view?usp=sharing】 English【https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QvhBk_xAwoYr61Vp3GZGkzhKW0Qc3uRk/view?usp=sharing