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    [ModularAvatar compatible] Anywhere chocolate banana set

    Published from : 2024/02/10 15:42:00

    Product Details

    【Description of item】 This is a set that you can attach to your avatar and make chocolate bananas anywhere. When you select "Banana Set" from the Expression menu in VRChat, an animation of setting a banana in your right hand will be played. If you select "Chocolate Set", a bowl containing chocolate will be placed in your left hand. There are three bananas on the right hand side, and if you bring them close to the chocolate, they will turn into chocolate bananas. You can eat chocolate banana by holding it close to your face.  People other than you can also grab and eat the chocolate banana. Since it is compatible with ModularAvatar, you can easily set it up by simply dragging and dropping it onto your avatar in Unity and adjusting the size and position of this set. *The installed example avatar "Naruya ( https://flastore.booth.pm/items/2328361 )" is not included in the product. [How to install into VRChat] 1. Download ModularAvatar to VCC. https://modular-avatar.nadena.dev/ja/ 2. Add ModularAvatar to the project of the avatar you want to equip with this set. 3. Import shader (liltoon) https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 4. Import this product (chocolate_banana_1.0.unitypackage) 5. Drag and drop chocolate_banana_gimmick.prefab in the project (Assets/chocolate_banana) directly below the avatar you want to equip. 6. Adjust the size and position of this set ・Adjust the Transform of the object “Adjustment” on the Hierarchy *Applies to “Adjustment” for left-hand items and right-hand items. 7. Upload to VRChat using the normal procedure (make sure to set it to Private) *If an error occurs, press the Auto Fix button before uploading [Number of polygons] △5470 【Contents】  Unitypackage  readme FBX Texture (PNG) Introduction explanation

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