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    【SAMPLE】China×Maid Swim wear【VRoid Texture】

    Published from : 2022/06/30 12:15:07

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    【This product is a sample. For the full version, please click on the link below!j】 https://synazhaujyu.booth.pm/items/3954962 *This product is for VRoid studio 1.0~ version. Please note that we do not support beta versions. It's a china maid style ...... swimsuit! Don't be afraid of virtual tanning! Comes with long gloves! We also include an underskirt to hide the slit and a spats version of the swimsuit to reduce exposure! This is a set of textures for VRoid studio. VRoid files and custom item files are also included. Please note that these are made for my own use, so there may be some roughness. If you use them, I would appreciate it if you could give me a credit. (If you use Twitter, it is not mandatory, but we would appreciate it if you write the URL of BOOTH or the hashtag #五月雨服庫 or #SamidareFukuko) Commercial use is allowed as long as it is within the scope of our Terms of Use! by サミダレ(Samidare)         @ShiNo_SamidaRe

    Terms of Use

    Commercial use and use in live broadcasts are allowed, regardless of whether it is a paid product or a free product, as long as you observe the following. These item were created by Samidare Shino. You are responsible for any damage caused by the use of these item. The following is permitted. 【Permitted.】 〇Modification. 〇Change to your own model 〇Texture change, texture change with other textures 〇Use of dress-up models (posting to Twitter, live streaming on Nico Nico and YouTube, posting videos) 〇Using MMD for dress-up models 〇Using VRChat on a dress-up model 〇Providing wear data to pixivFACTORY ◯ Posting photos of yourself wearing the product on Twitter (for both commercial and non-commercial purposes) The following actions are prohibited 【Prohibited.】 × Use for religious or anti-social activities × Redistribution × Corrections and redistribution × self-made statement ※You may use it for commercial purposes within the scope of the Terms of Use. optional ●Filling out credits. ●Mention my name. If you have any questions, feel free to chat with me on BOOTH! (Please note that replies may be slightly delayed.) Please note that if we find any violation, we may suspend the sale or use of the product, and in some cases, we may charge a penalty fee. Please be aware of this. (translator:Deepl) Samidare Shino 11/02/2021 Twitter(@ShiNo_SamidaRe https://twitter.com/ShiNo_SamidaRe) BOOTH(五月雨服庫 https://synazhaujyu.booth.pm/) VRoid Hub (https://hub.vroid.com/users/3919772) Hashtag (optional) #五月雨服庫 #SamidareFukuko Online Version ↓ https://samidare-works.blogspot.com/2020/11/terms-of-use.html