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    Dragon-Armed Knightess Megidna 3Dmodel for VRChat Avatar3.0

    Published from : 2020/12/19 00:44:38

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    ■■■ Product Specifications ■■■ This 3D model is mainly intended to be used as an avatar for VRChat. It supports the following specifications, all of which are already set in Prefab. ・Full body tracking is supported. ・lipSync support ・Eye Look is supported. ・Original Handsign settings for Gesture Layer. ・Expression animation settings for FX Layer (to prevent interference with lipSync and Eye Look) ・PhysBone and collider settings for swaying hair, skirts, etc. ・Four types of magic effects using ParticleSystem and animation. ・Armor removal using ExpressionsMenu ・7 different color skins Performance Rank : Poor as of 5/11/2022 Quest Performance Rank Armed : Poor Disrmed : Midium as of 5/11/2022 ■■■ Concept ■■■ The dragon's claws shatter the walls and the burning breath burns the fleeing populace...... In the war, which will be known as the “Evil Dragon War”, the knights of the dying nation will have one last stand. It is to use the overwhelming power of the dragon, their sworn enemy, against them. They are called “Dragon-Armed Knightess”, and they use magic that is transmitted through the dragon's blood and cursed swords tempered with the dragon's blood as weapons in battle. Only a sword wielded by a pure warrior maiden who drinks dragon's blood can pierce the dragon's scales. They also wear armor that mimics the shape of their detestable enemy. It was a symbol of a self-deprecating, cynical, or resigned self-consciousness that acknowledged the fragility of their fellow human beings and the strength of their nemesis, the dragon. The avatar created this time is “Princess Knight Megidna”, a Dragon-Armed Knightess that has been known since the days of the Evil Dragon War. It was created based on the literature of that time in order to recreate her former bravery in the present day. [The Cursed Sword of Dracocide] A set of eight magical swords with blades tempered with dragon blood. Its blade nullifies the magical barrier covering the dragon's body and pierces through scales harder than steel. In other words, it is the "magic sword that kills its own kind. The wielder of the sword can drink the blood of the same individual dragon that was used to temper the blade. By drinking the blood of a dragon whose blood is the same as that used for the tempering, the wielder can summon a sword from the void and gain the magic to manipulate it freely in midair. This is based on the principle that when a living dragon flies, it is supported by magic power in addition to the flapping of its wings, allowing it to float in the air. [Sacred sword “Diluculo”] The human body and mind were too fragile to hold the dragon's profound and powerful magic in their bodies. In order to suppress the dark magic gained from the dragon's blood, and to properly use its power, a beacon of reason was born. That is the holy sword, Dirklo, which bears the name "Dawn. This sword was created long before the Evil Dragon War, during the reign of an orderly royal family. It is a symbol that shows the path that people should take after this war is over. *The character settings are provided to help you visualize the product. The character settings are provided to help expand the image of the product and do not limit the use of the product by the purchaser. Please feel free to use them within the scope of the terms of use. ■■■ Magic List ■■■ Fist your right hand and take the holy sword in your hand to release the limiter for magic use. You can activate magic by making a hand sign with your left hand while holding the holy sword. *Quest version uses "FingerPoint" to hold the sword. [Claws of Abominable] Fires 8 magic swords in rapid succession. Range: 100m How to activate: HandGun with the left hand while fist the right hand. [Hone of Terrible] Shoots out a magic sword that can be manipulated and blasts with a stab. Activation method: Victory with left hand while holding right hand in Fist. [Fangs of Sorrow] Causes 8 magic swords to rain down from the sky on the specified terrain. Activation method: FingerPoint with left hand while holding Fist with right hand. [Scales of Guile] An offensive and defensive magic that surrounds you with a ward of lightning strikes. How to activate: Fist with right hand and ThumbsUp with left hand. [Wings of Fear] The magic sword behind you is deployed on your wings, and you flap your wings to move. Activation method: Move forward at maximum speed. [Eye of Evil] Steals your vision with a dark ward, and pierces you from front to back, left to right, up and down with a magic sword. Only available in the Quest version. How to Activate: FingerPoint with your left hand while FingerPointing with your right hand. Note: If you activate this without the holy sword in your right hand, the power of darkness will run rampant and the cursed sword will pierce you. *When pointing a weapon or magic at another player, choose someone you can joke with! ■■■ Version 2.0(v2-0) 05/11/2022 ■■■ [PCVR Version] - PhysBone is now supported. DynamicBone component was removed accordingly.  The hair on the sides of the face now sways and the skirt has been softened a bit. - Fixed hand signs. The degree of wing deployment is now adjusted by pushing in the right hand grips, and the degree of eye closure is now adjusted by pushing in the left hand grips. - FBX data was modified to be compatible with PhysBone and to be appropriate for the current VRChat IK. Other minor modifications. - Replaced almost all materials. The main shader used was changed to PoiyomiToon 7.2.41. - With this update, the product "Megidna" and "Falrosa" (sold separately) can now be imported into the same Project.  (Until now, PoiyomiToon version 6 was used, so they could not coexist and an error occurred.) [Quest Version] - PhysBone is now supported. Hair now shakes. - Prefab for the color skin "Darkness Dragoon" was added. - Fixes to FBX data. The lining of the skirt in the armed state is now rendered. [Note on version update] Please create a new project and import the Package. If you overwrite a project that has already imported version 1 (v1), we cannot guarantee that it will work. ■■■ Version 1.2(v1-2) 05/29/2021 ■■■ - Added [v1-2] to [_Prefab]. - Added [Material_v1-2] folder for exclusive use of [v1-2].  This update solves the problem of the body becoming transparent and the shadow not falling on the ground in some worlds.  Removed contour lines and weakened RimLighting for skin and hair. - Texture png has been partially modified. (Added Megidna_Dress skin paint, corset, shoe shading, etc.) - Added thumbnail images to Texture. - Changed the animation of the magic sword on the back when the magic "Scales of Guile" is activated. - Prefab for Oculus Quest has been added. [_Prefab¥Prefub_Quest] - MegidnaVoxel, Hako-Style Knightess Hakodna, has been added. - Added [MegidnaSampleScene], a collection of Prefabs for all avatars. 【Please note the following when updating the version.】 Be sure to backup the entire Projent before updating. This product uses the Poiyomi Toon Shader, but it does not support the latest version. Therefore, it is not recommended to import the latest version of Poiyomi Toon Shader into Unity beforehand. The texture pngs will be overwritten and the new textures will be automatically applied to the Prepab of previous versions [v1-2] and earlier. ■■■ Version 1.1 (v1-1) 01/03/2021■■■ - Added shoulder armor and elbow armor for the right arm. - The left and right shoulder armor, elbow armor, and helmets in the [Equipment] mesh can now be hidden by BlendShapes. - Fixed the problem of magic not hitting the floor or walls in some worlds. - Fixed an issue where the sword on the back would interfere with the Collider and cause it to vibrate. 【Please note the following when updating the version.】 Be sure to backup the entire Projent before updating. When this data (v1-1) is overwritten and updated to Project with v1 already imported, [v1-1] will be added in the [_Prefab] folder. Please use this [v1-1] from now on. After the update, the shoulder armor and elbow armor of the old version [v1] of Prefab will not be displayed properly. Also, the direction of the bones in the right elbow is wrong. This can be fixed manually, but it is not supported. Also, please note that various textures and FBX data will be overwritten and saved, so the modified data may be lost due to updating.

    Terms of Use

    This model is released under UV license. This model allows the following actions based on Individual terms in addition to the Basic Terms. ・Personal Commercial Use ・Distribution of Derivative Works ・For Adults, Sexual Expressions Use ・For Adults, Violence Expressions Use For the full text of the rules, please refer to the following URL. https://uv-license.com/en/license?utf8=%E2%9C%93&pcu=true&ddw=true&seu=true&veu=true