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    Avatar for VRChat Extend Falcon VCC

    Published from : 2023/11/03 18:03:13

    Product Details

    ■Product contents ・"Extend Falcon" in Unitypackage A set of Fbx models, textures, motion, and data. Download VCC from VRChat official website and create an avatar project. The shader uses liltoon. Please download and import the following from Booth. [Free] lilToon https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 This avatar uses bullet effects distributed by Super Weapon Workshop. Please import this first as well. https://booth.pm/ja/items/3562410 If these have been imported, you will be able to upload them immediately. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■Number of polygons△ ・All objects included: 177981 polygons Avatar status will be VeryPoor. Capacity is 22.72MB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Content details ReadMe.txt Product image ● Avatar preset scenes Avatar_21_Extend_Falcon.unity (Constraint, VRC Avatar Descriptor set) Just double-click to open the scene and upload. ●Model data Avatar_21_Extend_Falcon.fbx (Fbx output from metasequoia4) EF_Weapon_Blade EF_Weapon_HandGun Materials and textures with the same names as above are included. -texture Tga format with the same name as the above material There are also mask images for base, normal, and elements. There is also a PSD file for changing colors. ●Animator Avatar_21_Extend_Falcon_FX vrc_Avatar_Gesture_EF ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Animator & settings file for VRChatAvatar3.0 (VCC) ・Expressions configuration file (JP=Japanese, Eng=English) VRCExMenu VRCExMenu_Body VRCExMenu_Weapon VRCExpressionParameters -Icon folder Icon image data used for Expressions

    Terms of Use

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- - ■Terms of use By purchasing this model, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use. Please see the included PDF for detailed terms and conditions. We have each language available. It is also output as an image. ・Contents not listed above OK to output with 3D printer Can be installed as a world object (figure or NPC) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Disclaimer (AnomaroP) shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred as a result of using this data. Please use at your own risk. ◆Contact information Please reply on Twitter. DM is for mutual follow only. (https://twitter.com/anomarokarintou) email address anomarokarintou0★gmail.com ★Please change to @ when sending. Or please join our Discord server and contact us. https://discord.com/invite/SeHYx2aWH4 Establishment date of Terms of Use: November 3, 2023 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■Update history Release starts on November 3, 2023.