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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2022/07/04 02:53:58

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    This model is a 3D model of Unity's Humanoid format, which is intended for use with VRChat. In addition to VRC, it can also be used for other services, videos, game production, etc. ・ Abundant facial expression assets Implemented abundant facial expression patterns! Included in the hand sign. ・ There is a body and you can change clothes There is a costume switching menu. You can wear underwear and run around freely! !! ・ Flyable (PC version only) The PC version has a flight function. Convenient for everyday use such as small movements ・ Equipped with texture for color change and shader for easy color change (PC version only) It uses a "lil Toon" shader that makes it easy to change the color of your avatar. Colors can be changed without using image processing software. ● About the product Products included in the product package "FortyOne_Fullburst" * Please check the sample image above for details. ・ FortyOne_Fullburst_Dynamic Bone It is a PC (VeryPoor) avatar. An avatar package that includes all the features. ・ FortyOne_Poor_Dynamic Bone PC (Poor) avatar It is a model that omits Gatling and cannon. ・ FortyOne_Quest_06 Poor (VeryPoor) It is a model with shaders adjusted for Quest.

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