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    【VRoid VRM 3Dモデル】MC_replicant 月縫兎翅(moonlight feather rabbit)

    Sales start date : 2020/10/28 16:33:05

    Product Details

    This is a modified, commercial and avatar-usable replica of REIRO 2nd Tsukisou Usagiwing. LightCustom(LS) is a modified example. It will be exhibited at Virtual market 5/Festival Marché. common specifications uni-VRM 0.60 Shader: VRM/Mtoon For FBX files, you need to apply the texture material shader in Unity. Individual Specifications MC_replicant.vrm Number of vertices 13878 (19934) Material 14 Bourne, 104. MC_replicant_lightCustom.vrm Number of vertices 12685 (17987) Material 8 Bourne, 104. Modifications to lightCustom Weight reduction of the hood part Texture atlas, material reduction Modification of color textures Modification of emissions Modification of matcap Modify materials (shader colors, rim lights, etc.) contents MC_replicant.vrm MC_replicant_lightCustom.vrm MC_replicant.fbx MC_replicant_lightCustom.fbx MC_replicant_texturePack MC_replicant_lightCustom_texturePack You can modify it and use it for commercial purposes. The copyright is not waived and belongs to REIRO. REIRO is not responsible for any problems or losses resulting from the use of this work. These terms and conditions are subject to change, and in the event of any changes, the most recent version of these terms and conditions will apply. We reserve the right to delete or replace data, revise prices, or otherwise change the product without notice. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on Twitter. creator:REIRO twitterID: @VBC_ClearEver

    Terms of Use

    _Terms of Use  ______ Permitted Acts Use as an avatar on VRSNS(VRChat,Cluster,NeosVR,VirtualCast,etc...) and attaching an avatar to an avatar.   Modification of textures, model data, polygon meshes, etc.   The act of giving a personality to a purchased model   Personal and commercial use   Some of the materials used were appropriated.   Conversion to other file formats, such as fbx and mmd   Use for violent acts and expressions up to R17   Use for sexual acts and expressions up to R17   Other moral use  Prohibited actions   Modification of the logo   Redistribution and secondary distribution with internal data changeable   Setting up the avatar pedestal   Self-made statements   Excessive diversion of paid models   Expressions that apply to R-18 and R-18G   Use of political, religious, or slanderous acts against others   Use for antisocial activities or acts that encourage them  Other Guidelines As a general rule, only the purchaser (the owner of the account from which the order number was obtained) is entitled to use the purchase.If you are buying for a team, you should buy "for the number of people handling the purchased data" and not "for the whole team".   Service to upload 3D models to the server (Vroid Hub, the SEED) Please make sure to set it so that only authorized purchasers are allowed to use it (e.g. ONLINE).   It would be very nice if you can credit the purchased products and report their use. Commercial use, modification or redistribution is not allowed in the VRoid Hub. Please read the terms and conditions carefully. Please read the terms of use carefully.   We are not responsible for any problems caused by the use of this site.