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    Original 3D model "SioSio"

    Published from : 2023/07/14 10:14:26

    Product Details

    Original 3D model "Sio Sio You can enter the world where sample avatars are displayed to try on from this URL. https://vrch.at/rpn02km6 Since this is a DL product, we recommend that you try the sample avatars before purchasing. (The sample avatar is the same as the sales data except that it has a panel for advertisement.) Product Summary This 3D model (avatar) is designed for use in VRChat. The avatar is a 3D model (avatar) designed for use in VRChat, and was created with the image of a cute design that suits both ladylike gestures and energetic movements. VRC Avatar Performance Medium △70,000 Number of materials: 7 95 shape keys for facial expressions (15 for lip-sync) PSD file for texture modification Created with a 6-point tracking environment using an INDEX controller.  It is not intended to work with more trackers. Each hand-sign animation has been set.   PhysBones for the shaking objects have been set up.  PhysBones are set for hair and clothes.  Skirts may penetrate legs if they move violently.  Please make sure to move in a ladylike manner. To prevent mesh from penetrating, the overhanging parts are made transparent with shaders. Clothing sleeves follow the arms with Constraint.  If the arms are raised to the full vertical position, they may twist. Contents UnityPackage (pre-setup prefab for VRChat)  A pre-setup prefab that can be used immediately with VRChat.  Pre-setup materials  Animations for facial expressions   CioCio FBX PSD file for texture modification  Layers for each mesh with UV images. Each texture License Read Me Notes The shape key is for facial expressions, but I haven't tested and adjusted it because I don't have a VR device that supports it.  This is a shape key for actual facial expression animation production.  (This may be updated depending on Ashio's economic situation.) The weights of the clothes are not applied properly.  Depending on the movement, the breakdown may be noticeable. We have prepared an avatar for you to try on, so please check it carefully if you are considering purchasing. This model is intended for use in VRChat. When modifying this data, a little knowledge of Unity may be required. This model uses Unity Chan toon shader.  Please import it into Unity beforehand. Avatars 3.0 is supported.  Please import VRCSDK3-AVATAR beforehand. There is a Unity package that includes a pre-setup Prefab. Please use this package. If you import FBX data as-is, the default settings for shoulder and finger range of motion will be used, which will result in failure.  If you want to use FBX for modification, etc., please refer to the values of the data in the Unity package. The animation settings for facial expressions have been set up using hai-vr's ComboGestureExpressions ( https://booth.pm/ja/items/2219616 ) (MIT license).

    Terms of Use

    Terms of Use These terms and conditions were created using the VN3Lisence template. By purchasing this model, you agree to these Terms of Use. You can view the full text here. Please be sure to check it out. (JP) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WBDFWAf2_dURnUrEUxr81fHNHMWIDS_V/view?usp=share_link (EN) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wBE_xr9Fkb3Whdc4K4ZAAJW0NRyfn4Du/view?usp=share_link (KO) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YlV4ngEGMOz-1oNBqHXf6wbkpzMkFW1s/view?usp=share_link (ZH) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OUGMPxV1uKOw34ZBx9JRy3C6CBl_rvjA/view?usp=share_link Summary of Terms of Use You may upload your video to any social communication platform (including VRChat, Virtual Cast, cluster, etc.) for your own personal use. (including VRChat, Virtual Cast, cluster, etc.) for your own use. You are not allowed to use your avatar for the purpose of having a third party use it on such platforms (e.g., making your avatar public, making your avatar a pedestal, etc.). You may not use the avatar for any sexual or violent expression. (However, private use (use within the private range) is not prohibited, and if prohibited within the platform, please follow the rules.) (However, private use (use within the private sphere) is not prohibited. The use of this data for personal use is prohibited. Modification of this data for personal use is permitted. Redistribution of unaltered or altered data is not permitted. Exchange of data between purchasers is not permitted. Please contact us individually if you need to take this data to a Unity environment such as Hololive for personal Vtuber activities, or if you need to exchange data with a company. Use of the data for video creation and distribution is permitted. Use for game production, etc. is permitted. However, the data must be distributed in a way that it cannot be easily removed. Permission is granted for use by individuals for non-profit and non-profit-paid purposes (including profit-making activities within the scope of so-called "doujin" activities, selling costumes on BOOTH, etc.). Selling costumes made by reusing the mesh of this data is prohibited. Selling costumes created by using the weights in this data is permitted. In the event of any discrepancy between the Japanese version and any other language, the Japanese version of the Terms of Use shall apply. Disclaimer The creator is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this model.  Use at your own risk.