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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2020/12/18 02:44:12

    Product Details

    Original 3D model "Miary Neuer" ▼ I made it for VRchat, but games and animations, It can also be used for distribution. ▼ It will be the data for unity set for VRChat, The use of other fbx such as MMD converted to other extensions is not restricted. ▼ VR goggles Supports the use of VRchat using Oculus Quest I don't. (Quest is not supported.) ▼ Both Avatar2.0 and Avatar3.0 are supported. ▼ Modification and commercial use are also possible. * When importing to unity, please import the following 2 points in advance. Please let me. ・ Dynamic bone ・ Support for VRC SDK avatar 2.0 or avatar 3.0 unity package What is ▼ The installation method is described in the manual inside the folder. Please check along with the terms and conditions. Product supplement ・ This model and this avatar support full body tracking. -Only avatar3.0 is set for eye tracking and blinking. -Texture file data is enclosed in a folder. The UV map is included in the psd and clip data. ・ Number of polygons Main △ 29982 Element body △ 23487 ・ Number of materials Main 〇3 Elementary body 〇3 Contact Us BOOTH message or Twitter for terms of use, use of models, problems with models and shaders, etc. https://twitter.com/4Seasons_Clogs Please contact us by DM.

    Terms of Use

    The distribution and sale of the enclosed 3D model and data including textures are prohibited. In addition, distribution of the right to use avatars, such as setting up pedestals in VRChat, is also prohibited. Use for political and religious purposes, acts contrary to public order and morals, and use for slanderous purposes are totally prohibited. The creator does not take any responsibility even if any inconvenience or damage occurs to the user by using this model data. * Due to the nature of DL products, we cannot prove that they have been returned, and Booth cannot accept returns or cancellation procedures after purchasing DL products, so we cannot accept refunds.