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    Wet T-shirt & Bikini & Skirt for VRoid

    Published from : 2020/06/25 20:15:24

    Product Details

    This is a set of swimsuit textures for VRoid with 8 different swimsuits, transparent mini T-shirts and denim skirts. 2023/6/22 Increased the number of color variations of the swimsuit to 8, modified the layers to make it easier to modify the transparent skin of the mini T-shirt to your favorite skin tone, and included the PSD files. (For use with VRoidStudio ver1.0~) Also available on BOOTH【https://promethe.booth.pm/】 《File contents》 【Bikini(Texture for skin)】  ▶︎Bikini Black.png  ▶︎Bikini Blue1.png  ▶︎Bikini Blue2.png  ▶︎Bikini Blue3.png  ▶︎Bikini Gray.png  ▶︎Bikini Green.png  ▶︎Bikini Red.png  ▶︎Bikini White.png 【mini T-shirt】  ▶︎wet T Black.png  ▶︎wet T Blue1.png  ▶︎wet T Blue2.png  ▶︎wet T Blue3.png  ▶︎wet T Gray.png  ▶︎wet T Green.png  ▶︎wet T Red.png  ▶︎wet T White.png  ▶︎miniT.psd  ▶︎How to Use  ▶︎miniT Skin   ▷cha   ▷midori   ▷siro 【Denim Skirt(Texture for pants)】  ▶︎Denim Skirt Black.png  ▶︎Denim Skirt Blue1.png  ▶︎Denim Skirt Blue2.png  ▶︎Denim Skirt Blue3.png  ▶︎Denim Skirt Brown.png  ▶︎Denim Skirt Gray.png  ▶︎Denim Skirt Green.png  ▶︎Denim Skirt White.png ・README ※Version may be updated without notice for additions, weight reductions, fixes, etc. ※Avatar not included ※Please note that this is a downloadable product and no refunds can be made after purchase. ※I will use Twitter for any announcements. 《How to Use》 It is intended for use in VRoidStudio. Bikini" is for bare body. Import it into the Edit Body Shape→Texture→Skin layer. Transparent T" is for mini T-shirts Edit costume→select mini T-shirt for upper body→texture→import it to the mini T-shirt layer. Denim Skirt" is for pants Edit costume → select trousers for the lower body → texture → import into the trousers layer. Please enjoy dressing up within the scope of the Terms of Use. ---------------------- Contact for right holders and right holders right holder:​Lalaluu (ららるー) メール:​promethe.avatar@gmail.com Twitter:​@LalaluuVR Website:​https://promethe.booth.pm/ ※I use DeepL translation. Slang and abbreviated words may not be understood, so please use simple English when communicating in English.

    Terms of Use

    Atelier Lalaluu_License_Agreement The License Agreement can be downloaded from the VketStore page below. Please check it out. https://store.vket.com/ja/items/7333