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    Hayakumo - Original 3D avatar for VRChat/VRM

    Published from : 2023/12/31 19:10:10

    Product Details

    Original 3D Model "Hayakumo" This is a Unity Humanoid format avatar set up for use in VRChat/VRM. It can also be used for video streaming, video production, and game integration. Please note that it is not compatible with the Quest version of VRChat. Please be aware that as this is a digital download sale, refunds are not available after purchase You can try the sample pedestal avatar from the following world: https://vrchat.com/home/launch?worldId=wrld_394fd019-37ba-4531-ab1f-cd399bf4487c - Avatar Rank: Very Poor - VRChatCreatorCompanion VRChatSDK3.0 compatible - Includes base model - Full tracking and lip sync compatible - Hand sign controlled expressions supported - Expression control via Exmenu (49 preset expressions included) - Original AFK motion included - Contact gimmick that allows holding a Tachi and matchlock gun (cannot fire) - Perfect sync compatible shape keys included - Includes VRM version Avatar Specifications ○ Contents Set up Unitypackage FBX file Textures (png, psd) VRM model data ○ Avatar Specifications Avatar Rank: Very Poor Polygon Count: 111850 (including base model) Number of Materials: 8 Height: 1.37m (as displayed in VRChat) Texture Memory: 34.00 MB ○ Shape Key Specifications For expressions total shapekeys: 186 For lip sync: 15 For creating expressions: 88 For perfect sync: 44 (does not include eyeLookin/Lookout shapekey) For MMD compatibility: 39 For base model adjustment: 42 Includes shape keys for changing breast size and preventing clipping with clothes Costumes: 2 (for changing breast size) ○ Pre-set Expressions 49 types ○ Used Shader lilToon ver 1.6.0 https://lilxyzw.booth.pm/items/3087170 ○ Other Gimmicks Contact gimmick for holding a katana and matchlock gun ○ Supported Versions Unity: Unity 2022.3.6.f1 VRchat SDK - Base: 3.5.0 VRChat SDK -Avatars: 3.5.0 ○ VRM Version VRM-0.99.4 As it is set up for Perfect Sync, facial tracking is possible with compatible devices." Installation Method 1.Install the official VRChatCreatorCompanion (VCC) from VRChat and create a Unity project for the avatar. 2.Import liltoon created by lilLab into the project (https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170). 3.Import the UnityPackage included with this model. 4.Load the hayakumo.scene in the Asset/moyashi4747/hayakumo directory. 5.Upload the avatar from the ShowControlPanel in the VRChatSDK tab. Update History January 1, 2024 ver1.00 Release January 7, 2024 ver1.10 -Fixed the position of Toe bones -Corrected a setting error in Anchor override -Fixed the issue where some body shape adjustment shape keys were applied to the base model of the dressing prefab -Adjusted the shadow color of the face material -Expanded the Contact detection to make it easier to hold the matchlock gun -Added a stopping function to the Contact gimmick -Corrected naming errors in costume textures and PSDs -Added a wind-cutting effect gimmick when swinging the Tachi Others Creator: Moyashichan Contact For inquiries, please contact here. X (former Twitter) https://twitter.com/moyashichan4747 Discord moyashichan There is also a Discord server for support and communication. Feel free to join. https://discord.com/invite/XYnme7gD53 Recommended Hashtag I would be happy if you post photos with #Hayakumo3D. Special Thanks ・VRChat向けCustom Animator Controllers ヒグマのねぐら様 https://booth.pm/ja/items/4424448

    Terms of Use

    These terms are based on the VN3 License template created by Hiroko Ashiyama (@hiorko_TB). Japanese https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XTSuFUkZS1ct6aZtULY5hbknhFScR0qm/view?usp=sharing English https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m-x3taodgQi_X4B4qqyF1X9x00j34VBO/view?usp=drive_link