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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2020/05/09 19:33:43

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    She is a female model with big tits in chemo ears. She is also on display at Vket4 (Avatar Showcase -Brawl). ◆Outline & Specifications ・Kokuyo_A (body only) [-59904 polygon] ・Kokuyo_B (body only) [-58876 polygon] ・Kokuyo_C (body only) [-57848 polygon] ・Kokuyo_D [-56858 Polygon] ・Kokuyo_J [-32260 Polygon] ・Kokuyo_S [-34395 Polygon] ・Kokuyo_Beast [-68345 Polygon] ・Kokuyo_Beast D [-69879 Polygon] ・Kokuyo_Beast_J [-52871 Polygon] ・Kokuyo_Beast_S [-56666 Polygon] ・S_Advent_A [-6924 polygons] ・S_Advent_B [-5896 polygons] ・Kokuyo_B_For_VRM [-63242 polygon] ・Kokuyo_D_For_VRM [-56858 polygons] ・Kokuyo_J_For_VRM [-30984 Polygon] ・Kokuyo_Beast_For_VRM [-68345 polygon] ・Kokuyo_Beast_D_For_VRM [-69879 polygon] ・Kokuyo_Beast_J_For_VRM [-52871 Polygon] ・Commercial use [Yes](*1) ・Alteration of use [yes]. ・Use outside of VRchat [yes]. ・Psd file for texture modification is included. ▼Pre-fab for VRChat avatars included in Unitypackage ・Added support for VRChat Avatar 3.0 (SDK3). ・VRChat now supports VRChat's Humanoid format. ・Supports VRChat's Eye Tracking. ・More than 52 shape keys including LypSync and EyeTracking. (Beast version is about 38 types.) ・The numerical value of DynamicBone is already set (DynamicBone is sold separately) ・UTS2ver2.0.7 is already set for each material(*2) ▼External Prerequisites (Use) Asset [SDK2](Kokuyo_v1.1.0.0.unitypackage) ・VRCSDK2-2020. ・DynamicBone ・UTS2_v2.0.7 ・UniVRM-0.58.1_029d [SDK3 Version](Kokuyo_SDK3_v1.0.0.0.unitypackage) ・VRCSDK3-AVATAR-2020. ・DynamicBone ・UTS2_v2.0.7 (*1) See Terms of Use. (*2) Considering the recent shader situation in VRChat, no shader files are included in the package. Please import them into your project in advance. UTS2 download link ( https://github.com/unity3d-jp/UnityChanToonShaderVer2_Project/blob/master/UTS2_ShaderOnly_v2.0.7_Release.unitypackage ) Japanese interface for v. ( https://nyaa-toraneko.booth.pm/items/1404754 ) ◆Contents ・Model data [fbx] ・Texture [png] ・File for Texture modification [psd] ・File for model modification [blend] ・Introduction [Unitypackage]  [SDK2](Kokuyo_v1.1.0.0.unitypackage)  [SDK3 Version](Kokuyo_SDK3_v1.0.0.0.unitypackage) Please use it according to the VRChatSDK you are using. It is output in Unity 2018 (2018.4.20f1). ・VRM created for VRoidHub ・The output file of Kokuyo_J_For_VRM(Cluster) is UniVRM_v0.35, the others are v0.58.1_029d. (If you want to create a new VRM in Unity, please import UniVRM in advance.) ◆Contact Information ・Production and distribution: Jiro Nanakusa ・Twitter (Nanairokusa Jiro) @Nanairokusa (https://twitter.com/Nanairokusa) Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Terms of Use

    This model uses the VN3 license. ↓Please refer to the following URL https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LJHwczn0kzXjkCUitq-WMZMRzAENVaoc/view?usp=sharing ↓Official Page https://www.vn3-portal.org/